You need to think of your practice’s email list as a very necessary component to all the data you collect about your new, established, and potential clients. As you secure new email addresses, you’ll want to let the recipients know that you’ll periodically send them information about your services. Here’s how to further build and market your email list:

Put a Subscribe Box on Your Website

Creating a small form for your site’s visitors to fill out will add more email addresses to your list. Plus, you’ll already have their consent to receive emails such as your monthly newsletter, special offers, and up-to-date information about your business. They’re more likely to give you their email when they are receiving something beneficial in return, so be sure to include incentives from time to time. The subscription box on your website should be close to the top so visitors can see it almost immediately when they visit your page.

Network Constantly

Every interaction with someone can lead to a potential business opportunity. Talk to people when you’re waiting in line at the grocery store or in an office waiting room. Always keep your business cards handy in the event that your practice comes up in conversation. It’s a great way to trigger people to think of you the next time they are in need of a massage. Don’t be afraid to ask for their card either; think of it as another potential client. Be sure to reach out to other local business owners to help spread the word. They know what it’s like to start a business and may offer some great advice. Ask if they are willing to simply let you leave a few business cards at their shops. Word-of-mouth is a free way to get people talking about you and can lead to a referral.

Promote on Social Media

Social media sometimes gets viewed as too personal or casual for business encounters. Ignoring social media is a big mistake since so many people spend their free time checking these sites. Making profile pages for your business is the first step. By putting your website, email, and phone number on your profile, people have a link back to your business to find more information. Putting appropriate hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook will direct people who are interested in massage therapy back to your profile. You can also find people who are talking about massage therapy and send them a message about your business. Creating a conversation with potential clients gets them interested in your services and directs them to your website. If all goes to plan, they’ll sign up for your list and eventually book an appointment.

Categorize Recipients

While many of your emails may be generic and targeted at every client, some messages should be customized based on the needs of the recipient. Putting potential clients in a different category helps cut down on the number of emails your paying clients receive, especially the ones that don’t pertain to them. For example, you could customize email messaging (MassageBook has awesome segmenting tools for email marketing!) for the different client types you have – clients you treat for back pain relief, athletes, relaxation etc.

Don’t Bombard the List

Make sure every email you send is important and has a clear message. Many people receive lots of emails on a daily basis, so you don’t want yours to get lost in the shuffle. Depending on your audience, it’s a good idea to find a balance between too many and not enough. Potential clients may receive more emails for promotions and incentives to book. Each email should have a call to action to make the recipient respond in some way. This can be to schedule an appointment or to check out an article you think they might find interesting.

Include an Email Signature

It’s important to have your contact information listed at the end of every email. Make sure to include your full name and phone number. Adding any other information such as your website and physical address makes it that much easier for people to reach you. And don’t forget links to any relevant social media pages. Even if it seems a bit extensive, listing all of your accounts and information will simplify things for your recipients.