How it works

Business, Individual bodyworker, School, or Student? MassageBook is for you!


Taking the complexity out of business.

MassageBook is a comprehensive success system designed to give your practice
the advantage it needs to succeed in today’s ultra competitive world. There’s no other software that focuses on solving the unique needs of massage and bodywork practice owners.


At the heart of your business lies a schedule. MassageBook makes even complex schedules easy to manage with purpose built tools for the special needs of massage therapists and bodyworkers. Learn more…

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SOAP Notes

Seamlessly integrated SOAP notes and intake forms that help you write and organize client histories with a minimum of effort. Learn more…

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Bring in new and returning clients with MassageBook’s powerful yet simple to use system for organizing clients and sending targeted, beautifully designed emails that get results. Learn more…

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Both email and text reminders ensure that clients won’t forget about their appointments. Learn more…

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Accepting credit cards has never been easier.  If you choose to use MassageBook’s payment solution, all client transaction details are kept in one easy to access place making book-keeping a breeze. Learn more…

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Staff Management

Organizing and communicating even complex staff schedules is easy. Full two way Google Sync ensures that everyone’s calendars are playing nicely together. Learn more…

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Outcall Services

Online booking of outcall services for new and existing clients has never been easier. Practitioners can even define their own specific service areas and towns. Learn more…

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Mobile App

Manage and stay on top of your schedule from anywhere.   Book new appointments,  access client records, and even accept payments with any smart phone. Learn more…

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You’ll never attract new clients online if they can’t find you. MassageBook’s tools work hard on your behalf to make sure you’re moving up the local search ranks and get found! Learn more…

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Gift Certificates

Still not taking advantage of this huge opportunity? Take your Gift Certificate program to the next level while keeping it all cleanly organized and watch the sales roll in. Learn more…

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Facebook Integration

This “bookface” thing has gotten serious. Make sure you take advantage of the opportunity with a seamless integration that allows your Facebook visitors to book directly on Facebook. Learn more…

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Build the brand of you.

Just because you’re on staff and aren’t the business owner doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be building your reputation as a top notch massage therapist or bodyworker. Complete your free individual listing, list the places you work to help people find you, and start collecting reviews that separate you from the crowd!

MassageBook Listing

Not just for business listings, the MassageBook directory also highlights talented individuals. Be included today and let visitors know where you work.
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You’re a talented massage therapist or bodyworker. With MassageBook reviews, you can stop being invisible and start building your very own reputation that stays with you no matter where you work tomorrow. Learn more…

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Job Site

Stay informed with current job postings in your area through MassageBook’s Job site. It’s never been easier to keep up to date with great local jobs in your area. Learn more…

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MassageBook’s community of like minded, compassionate massage and bodywork professionals is an excellent resource to get help with whatever questions or issues you’re facing. You’re not alone anymore. Learn more…

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Manage your clinic. Set your students up for success.

MassageBook’s all in one practice management and marketing software is the perfect tool to teach students real world business and marketing skills and start building their reputations.

Get your clinic humming

Could your student clinic be running a little more smoothly? MassageBook’s all in one solution can streamline every part of managing your clinic. It’s also a great way to teach students how to operate an efficient practice. Learn more…

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Organize and track student hours

Still using paper to track a student’s practical hours? MassageBook simplifies things grammatically while ensuring that a complete session history is always at your fingertips. Learn more…

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Build Student Reputations

Give your students a head start before heading out into the real world.  Allowing clients of your clinic to leave reviews for students provides valuable feedback and builds a resume’ of reviews that they own and can share. Learn more…

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Teaching tools for future success

MassageBook is the perfect tool to teach students the day to day tasks required of any successful massage practice owner, including taking SOAP notes, checking clients in and out, accepting payments, email marketing, gift certificate program management and more. Learn more…

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Build a reputation while you’re still in school.

If your school is using MassageBook as its student clinic scheduling software, your clients will already be able to leave reviews and help build your reputation. Graduating with a solid set of personal reviews and a knowledge of MassageBook makes landing a great job easier.

Build business skills you’ll need

Being a successful massage or bodywork professional takes more than great technique. MassageBook is a great tool to help learn the many business skills students will need to master if they are to succeed after graduation. Learn more…

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Start building your reputation

If your school is using MassageBook as its student clinic software, you’ll be lucky enough to be able to ask your clinic clients for reviews and receive valuable feedback as well as a resume’ you can share with potential employers. Learn more…

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Search bodywork jobs listed in MB

Finding the best job for you is never easy. Make sure you’re aware of all the opportunities in your area by looking through the MassageBook Jobs section which pulls together local jobs from a number of different sources. Learn more…

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