It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 3 years since we made any changes to MassageBook’s pricing plans.

And a busy 3 years it’s been! For those of you who have been with us for a while, you’ve seen us consistently roll out both small and large improvements and new features, the lion’s portion of which were requested by those using MassageBook.

The latest big improvement, just released a few weeks ago, is Memberships. You’re now able to manage your own Membership program—a great way to increase and secure regular monthly income AND get your “now and again” clients booking more often.

It’s deeply fulfilling for us to be working on improvements that we know are going to improve your business quality of life and help you achieve the success your hard work deserves. It keeps us hyper-focused and motivated to do even more to help.

Although we’ve made huge gains in the last few years, we realize that there’s a LOT more work we can (and need) to do to improve what we’re confident is already hands-down the best software for bodywork professionals.

Our roadmap, the internal plan of improvements we plan on building moving forward, will easily keep us busy another three or more years. And that list is only getting longer.

Our only regret is that we can’t develop the software faster in order to satisfy even more of your needs and requests…

Which gets us to MassageBook pricing.

Our pricing philosophy is simple: provide way more value than what we charge. We also want to make sure our pricing motivates us as a business to grow our members’ businesses. We should care if a practice using MassageBook is not doing well, and we should always be motivated to help that practice succeed.

This clear alignment of interests toward mutual success is firmly embedded in our culture and something we feel makes our approach very different from most other businesses.

We’ve kept our pricing plans at the extreme low end intentionally. We also haven’t resorted to nickel and diming for this and that (like adding additional staff or having you pay extra for each text message sent) like most others do. Our pricing is transparent and as you grow and add more folks to your practice, your monthly cost for MassageBook software stays the same.

So why the decision to adjust our pricing plans?

There are three clear goals the adjustments are designed to accomplish:

1. Simplify the 5 plans we have down to 3.

It’ll be easier for you to understand and easier for us to manage. We spend a lot of time explaining the differences to folks, and it’s more confusing than it needs to be. The simple act of combining a couple of plans will let us present three very simple and clear plan options. Over the last three years, it’s become clear which plans folks are gravitating towards—so those are the ones we’re keeping.

2. Expire Free plans after a year of use.

The goal of the very generous Free plan has always been to save those who are just starting out “one more” expense. We subsidize the (very real) costs with the hope that it gives practice owners every advantage in the delicate and stressful early days of growing a business—and that it will gain us your long-term loyalty. We now subsidize over 2,000 practices on our Free plan at considerable expense, many of whom have been using the Free plan for several years. We’re still going to support new practices with a free plan—but only for the first year.

3. Increase the rate at which we develop improvements and new features.

Writing great software requires a great team of software engineers. These folks are in extremely high demand and get paid very well. Our relatively small team does an amazing job, but if we want to get improvements out the door faster, we need to hire more engineering talent to join us. The question boils down to whether we want to keep the pace of development where it currently is and keep our costs where they are, or whether we want to be able to move faster and get valuable new features in your hands sooner at a slightly higher cost. We feel strongly that the best choice for our mutual long term success is for us to get faster at a slightly higher cost to our members. Tools only have value if you can use them, after all…

When are the pricing plans changing?

We’re planning on making the shift beginning in October. Within the next two weeks, depending on the pricing plan you’re currently on, you’ll receive an email that will share exactly what you can expect on your next renewal date in October. Our goal in giving you an early heads-up is to avoid any surprises and to make sure there’s plenty of time to answer any questions that may come up.

Stay tuned for the details on how the October pricing plan change may affect you.

In shared success,

Mark and the MassageBook Team