Facebook Integration for Massage Therapists

We help you book appointments from Facebook.

Facebook. You certainly know what it is, but are you using it to drive new business to your business? What if someone told you that you can track how many clients that book from your Facebook Business Page? Magic? Nah. Just another amazingly useful tool MassageBook provides to help grow your practice.

MassageBook / Facebook integration 1-2-3

All you need is a Facebook business page. Many already have one set up, but besides trying to get more 'likes' and creating the occasional post, how do you convert visitors to clients? Boom! MassageBook helps you to add your 'Book Now' button right on your Facebook business page.

Track Facebook Bookings

From your MassageBook account dashboard, you can quickly see your Facebook booking activity to track its success in bringing you new clients through social media.

Facebook Integration Update

As of February 5th, 2018, Facebook requires a business page to have 2,000+ likes in order for any third party applications to integrate with it.

If you have been connected to Facebook Connect before that date, then no changes need to be made. However, for new connections, the steps have been changed to ensure booking through your Facebook business page is available no matter how many likes the page has by creating a Call-to-Action button on your Facebook Page.

To read more about this, click here .

No More Phone Tag... My Clients Love Booking Online

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