Portable solutions.

The future is here. That vibrating thing in your pocket has more computing power than the room sized computer of old. You should be able to be untethered and free to run your business wherever and whenever you wish…

Run your practice on an iPad

Run your practice on an iPad

MassageBook looks lovely on an iPad. Sometimes the design team at MassageBook just sits back and stares at the iPad screen with silly little smiles…

No app required. Modern magic allows the MassageBook web application to run and display just fine on the iPad.

Manage your massage practice from your pocket.

Manage your practice from your pocket.

Seamlessly integrated and synced with the MassageBook desktop app, your schedule and all client details are only a few taps away.

If all you had was a smart phone, could you book clients, manage your schedule, take notes, and accept payments? With MassageBook Mobile, the answer is YES!

Note: Mobile supports outcall features and multiple businesses.

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MassageBook Features - Online Mobile Booking

Mobile booking for clients

Yes. MassageBook online booking for clients is fully compatible with all tablets and phones. Wherever your clients are, rest assured they’ll be able to effortlessly book an appointment with you.

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