Whether you just launched your massage therapy practice or you’ve been an established entity in your community for a while, it’s important to be constantly thinking of ways to promote your services to both new and existing clients. Each new season, special days of celebration, and the holidays provide you with great platforms from which to boost your sales. Valentine’s Day, in particular, is one of the best days of the year to market your products and services in a unique way. And with the help of MassageBook, selling and keeping track of gift certificates has never been easier!

Here are a few places where you should promote your Valentine’s Day gift certificates, as well as a creative, romantic way for your clients to surprise and delight their special loved ones.

Promote Gift Certificates in Your Practice

Your best form of advertising is done organically through the clients that come to your practice. They’ve driven to your location, ventured inside, met you and your staff, and experienced your world-class service. These customers know firsthand how amazing you are and are more apt to want those they love to enjoy the same experience. Have sharp, creative, and professionally printed gift certificate signs strategically placed throughout your business so that everyone can see them. In addition, have a unique display right at your checkout counter so that your clients are reminded upon payment. Finally, make sure you and your staff ask each client if he or she would like to purchase a gift certificate for that special someone.

Promote Gift Certificates through Social Media

As you continue to build your practice’s online presence through various social media platforms, you’ll want to post more than just well-written blogs or your office hours. Use Facebook to remind your clients that they can purchase gift certificates directly from your MassageBook listing. Add pictures to your Instagram account of beautiful candles, fresh flowers, and pristine massage rooms at your spa. Tweet romantic, poetic words to inspire your followers to get in the Valentine’s Day mood. Add hashtags such as #ValentinesDay, #giftcertificates, and #givethegiftofrelaxation to remind them that a massage may be just the thing their significant other needs. Whatever social media outlet you choose, utilize it to its maximum to promote your business during this special time of year!

Promote Gift Certificates through Email Campaigns

You’ve got an ever-growing list of potential and established customers right at your fingertips. Create an email campaign within MassageBook to remind clients that Valentine’s Day is a perfect time of the year to bestow a gift certificate for a massage. And for those who are a little more forgetful than others, a few clicks is all it takes to secure a great gift. Add a brief, personal message with a link to your gift certificates page, and watch the figures roll in!

Promote Gift Certificates on Your Website

Since your website can literally reach countless potential, new, and established clients 24/7, be sure to promote gift certificates on there as well. With the help of MassageBook, you can embed a button directly into your site that allows people to purchase right then and there.

The Art of Gift Certificate Giving

Here’s an idea you can share with your customers about how they can give their gift certificates to their loved ones in a creative way:

If the gift is for a spouse, a boyfriend/girlfriend, or any other romantic interest, suggest that your client place the certificate in a glass jar or vase filled to the brim with lots of “other” certificates ~ each handwritten and good for something else totally hassle-free the recipient loves, such as:

  • Good for a day of golf
  • Good for a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant
  • Good for a night out with the gang
  • Good for a game-day party at the house
  • Good for a day of fishing
  • Good for a day free of chores
  • Valentine’s Day comes once a year, so take advantage while you can. Using any or all of the aforementioned examples, accompanied with MassageBook’s easy-to-use gift certificates, will have your clients thinking that you’re Cupid!