Think back to a year ago when some of your biggest fears were settling into reality. Friends and colleagues all across the massage and bodywork community were shutting the doors of their practices for the unforeseeable future, including your very own that you’d worked so hard to establish. Any sort of security and stability you had built felt like it was pulled out from under your feet in an instant.

Fast forward to today, and we here at MassageBook can say without a doubt that the massage therapists, reflexologists, and countless other bodyworkers we work alongside are some of the most determined and resilient folks we know. The rate at which thousands of practices all across the MassageBook platform have been able to return to near-normal levels of booking and sales activity over the past year has been remarkable to watch unfold. Your drive to not just keep your dream practice alive, but to push above and beyond anything you ever imagined, continues to motivate us to do everything we can to help you reach your goals.

As hope grows for a simpler future filled with more hugs and high fives, we’d like to ask you to take a step back and reflect on the state of your practice before the pandemic began, the difficult journey it’s been on over the past 12 months, and what you’re planning to make it the best version it can be one year from now.

What did you do right? What valuable lessons have you learned? How are you going to address the weaknesses and keep improving each day?

No matter how long you’ve been in business, the health and success of your practice very much depend on how effective you are in getting clients to come back and see you again… and again… and again…

You may very well be the most skilled and educated provider in town, but keeping repeat clients on your table and steady income flowing to your bank doesn’t just happen with your hands alone. It takes a little business and marketing savvy to earn a reliable monthly paycheck that does more than just pay the bills. If that sounds like an area where you could use some help, we have the perfect solution you can get started with today.

No surprise here: it’s our all-in-one Memberships feature!

This incredibly simple yet powerful tool makes it easy for practice owners everywhere to start a monthly Membership program from the ground up. Create a custom plan in a few minutes, sign up a few clients, and then sit back and relax while MassageBook auto-collects monthly Membership payments and tracks service credits. As your list of new members starts to grow, you’ll love having the peace of mind that comes from knowing when and how much you’re getting paid each month.

Now more than ever, we feel it’s our duty to stress the positive long-term financial impact a Membership program can have on your practice, and we want you to experience for yourself just how much strength and durability it can add to the foundation of what you’ve already built.

To help get the ball rolling, we’re issuing a challenge you can participate in all month long:

Get 5 or more clients to join your Membership program during April, and we’ll take 50% off the price of your May subscription to MassageBook.

And for the overachievers out there, there’s extra motivation for you too:

The top 3 businesses that enroll the most amount of new members will get their May subscription FREE!

The rules are simple, and the payoff is huge. Not only will you be saving on your MassageBook subscription, but you’ll also be growing your predictable monthly income — one new member at a time.

Here are some questions you might be asking yourself:

Q. I haven’t created a Membership plan yet. How do I get started?

A. Easy as 1-2-3! Watch a step-by-step video here.

Q. I’ve already started a Membership program but need help promoting it. Any advice?

A. We hear you loud and clear. We’ll be sending out tips and ideas you can use to boost enrollments all month long. To help you get started, we’ve created 8 pre-made social media posts you can download and start sharing today!

Q. I already have a well-established program with plenty of members. Can I still participate and qualify for the challenge?

A. Of course, the more the merrier!

Q. If I get 5 clients to join my Membership program in April, how do I get 50% off my May subscription bill?

A. We’ll be keeping a close eye on our reports all throughout the month. If your business reaches the goal of 5 new members or more, we’ll automatically apply a 50% off coupon to your account and it will be applied toward your May subscription. If you’re one of the top 3 sellers, you’ll get 100% off!

Q. I want to take the challenge but am currently using my free year of the Transition Plan. Since my subscription doesn’t have a cost right now, what happens if I get 5 new members?

A. We’ve made the Memberships feature available across all pricing plans, and we’d love for you to join the competition. If you qualify for the deal, we’ll add a coupon to your account that you can apply toward a premium plan subscription in the future.

Best of luck tackling this challenge head-on!

If you have questions along the way, please connect with a friendly MassageBook expert for direct help. Call us at 843-352-2026, email us at or live chat with us in your MassageBook account.