As massage therapists, we get a charge out of using our toolbox of skills and techniques to help our clients feel better.

Ever feel like you’re so busy “doing” that you don’t have the chance to keep learning?

If you’re selective, the interwebs can be a convenient source of continuing education for massage therapists.

Here’s the best part…

We’ve done the work for you and have compiled a list of 10 massage therapy video sites to help learn and grow.

1. Rebel Massage Therapist


Allison also takes it personal when it comes to her massage therapy videos. Her massage tutorials are clearly presented and packed with knowledge, so you’ll be sure to certainly learn a few new skills from watching her Youtube videos.

She is extremely passionate about massage therapy and her 15-year background in the field, combined with her genuinely caring personality connects with everyone who watches her videos.

2. Healing Alchemy Massage


Brenna Moore is the passionate and open-hearted creator of Healing Alchemy Massage in Hawaii.

You can feel her warmth and zeal as you watch and learn from her massage therapy videos.

So be sure to get notified of when she posts new videos to YouTube, by subscribing to her YouTube channel to learn more about the Healing alchemy or mind-body-spirit connection.

3. Massage Sloth


Ian Harvey, is the founder of Massage Sloth and his YouTube channel never fails to make his massage tutorials quirky and interesting right down to the last second.

You’ll never get bored watching the guy sharing his tricks and trick. Which is probably why Ian has such a huge following.

His site also offers lots of tips and valuable marketing insights for all massage therapists, so if you haven’t already checked out his website, then now’s the time to do it.

4. Co-Creative Healing


Here’s another source of great massage therapy videos for learn more massage techniques.

Stephanie Shrum has dedicated a special section of videos on her site.

Her videos offer tutorials and showcase her vast knowledge in various massage techniques which she has learned since she started in 1992.

She says, “One of the greatest gifts I feel I bring to my massage and energy work sessions is my deep sense of presence. My intuition is one of my strongest gifts, and I use this intuition to guide my sessions. I come to the massage table or mat knowing that you are a different person than when you last visited me.”

And she brings all that and more into her massage therapy videos.

5. Massage Therapy Foundation


Massage therapy Foundation has a vast resource of blogs, videos, podcasts, ebooks and all scientific knowledge that advances the practice.These are all free.

Their massage therapy videos are a variation of the organization’s activities, expert lectures and case reports.

You will be able to watch them and apply these learnings to your business and become the best massage therapist you can be.

Keep on Learning

The most successful massage therapists in the world have this in common—they never stop learning.

As they say, the more you learn, the more you can earn. So, stay informed and explode your potential.

As long as you love what you do, learning will come easy for you.

6. Massage Nerd


If knowledge is power than imagine your massage therapist powers evolve as you indulge in the extensive library of massage therapy videos that MassageNerd has.

Ryan Hoyme is the true MassageNerd here. Ryan has been practising and learning since 1989. His YouTube channel is a result of the knowledge he has gained over the years and is now sharing it with you.

His 112,000 + subscribers can feast on thousands of valuable techniques he has been able to share in more than 5,000 videos in his channel.

7. Erik Dalton


As a teacher and a bodywork professional, the man is a legend in massage therapy.

Erik has 30 years of expertise in the field and he is also the pioneer of the pain management treatment called the Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT).

This treatment is extensively covered on his YouTube channel along with other tutorials related to massage therapy techniques making you will just feel like a kid in a candy store watching all his knowledge seep into every pore of your body.

8. Bodyology Massage School


Feel like going back to school for a special massage course?

The Bodyology Massage School in Central London gives you that feeling in their YouTube channel.

There massage therapy videos are lessons taught by bodywork professionals who are also University accredited lecturers.

You will learn anatomy, physiology and pathology through a range of activities making your Bodyology experience lively and fun. Now that sounds perfect to me!

9. Massage By Heather


Heather Wibbels, is one of the most-booked licensed massage therapists in Louisville, Kentucky. Her YouTube Channel has attracted more than 55,000 subscribers and is growing.

Most of us would be envious of her because her schedule is always full which tells me that this is an awesome resource to familiarise yourself with and learn from her experience.

Start getting to know Heather by watching her videos that focus on tutorials of her best massage techniques like chronic pain relief, injury recovery, stress relief and orthopedic massage.

As a small business owner, she knows her craft well and is able to demonstrate this in her videos filled with comprehensive explanations about knowing the right touch.

10. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health


If you want to stay updated on the latest trends and research in the field, this site is for you.

The topics to explore aren’t just comprehensive, they are well researched and documented but to stay on point with massage therapy videos, take advantage of their video lectures.

From massage therapy and acupuncture to the origin of meditations, the lectures are done by experts in the field.

Head to their Youtube Channel if you want to dive headfirst into their amazing range of videos to learn from.

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