10 years ago: Do you have a business card?

Today: Do you have a Facebook account?


Online Booking?

Massage therapy business cards were indispensable 10 years ago.

Those rectangular pieces of paper containing contact info were even stored in leather-bound holders by some.

Statistics say that nine out of ten business cards go in the trash these days. People simply don’t know what to do with them anymore…

In the age of digital everything, however, some clients still prefer the old-fashioned way of keeping in touch.

Now as a massage therapist, if you want to secure all your bases in business, you’ll still need to have your massage therapy business cards handy. You’ll never know when you might need them.

A word of caution, however, if you want future clients to keep them, much more love them, find a way to make them stand out. Here’s how.

Add a Unique Element


You are unique. Let your massage therapy business cards reflect your style.

As Peter Kozodoy, a partner at GEM Advertising told YFM Magazine says, it’s a natural extension of your personal brand.

“A business card…It’s the partner to your style, wardrobe, elevator pitch, and every other personal device you use to communicate yourself to another human being. Given that it’s the only lasting physical impression you can leave behind, it is absolutely essential that the card is memorable, communicative, and indicative of the types of clients you want to attract…”

So think of massage therapy business cards that your target clients will remember. That unique element could be visual, a relevant image from your Facebook, of something original you did, or what inspires you, an uplifting quote, anything that sparks curiosity and stands out.

It could also be a life motto, a popular client’s recommendation, quotes from top clients, an award you won, a proof of your miraculous hands or a relaxing mantra.

Some add humor and let creative designs speak for the business card. Consider playing with the shape of your business card itself if you’re not satisfied with the usual 4 sides. Business cards can come in die cut, embossed or foiled and creativity goes a long way to make you stand out.



Make it Functional

What types of clients are your targeting?

Are they savvy yet stressed executives?

Are they athletes?

Are they elders?

Are they housewives and mothers?

If you are willing to think outside the box and can afford to spend a little extra cash, give them something useful other than a printed paper.

Did you know that some business cards can be used as USB devices?

Some business cards have seeds that sprout into tomatoes when planted. Now, that’s a lasting impression.

Nowadays you’d even interchange business cards with giveaways. There are notebooks, mugs, pillows, cheese graters or a head massager. The point is, these types of massage therapy business cards if you can still call them that, won’t be easily thrown away.

Because they are not just pretty to look at. They’re useful.

Add an Incentive




There’s another way to make them valuable. Try adding an incentive. How about offering a discount when they book using a code found on your massage therapy business card?

For functionality and convenience, you can also use your massage business card as a loyalty card to save on printing costs. You can add stamps on it or tick on boxes after each session.

If they receive 10 massage therapy sessions, they earn a reward, an extra treat or another free session. Or they can pass this reward on to someone else - another good way to get referrals.

The strategy works if you’re not eager to have a stand-alone business card. Just masquerade your business card into other types of promotional items like a coupon or a gift certificate. Because a good massage does feel like a gift right?

Complete the Basics


Keep it simple. Don’t forget the purpose of massage therapy business cards—so clients and prospective clients know how to get in touch with you.

Make your contact information up-to-date, including your social media profiles. Remember that your business card serves as a call-to-action, direct them to call you, book on your massage website or check out your amazing stories on social media.

If you don’t like to add too much information, choose channels where clients usually engage with you. Your physical address, facebook, your website (any site where they can book) and a phone number and email address will do.

Nevertheless, the basics of business cards all boil down to complete information laid out in an accessible and readable manner.

Balance Massage Therapy Business Cards with Modern Marketing


Even though it’s the virtual age, there are still clients who crave for face-to-face connection even before they become your clients.

Perhaps you attend an event or accidentally meet a prospect while you’re at an event or the local shops. You should have something to leave them with, other than your Facebook profile and number.

Preparation is what business cards are for. They can also help leave a big impression or start a conversation.

Indeed, they are not entirely obsolete in the digital age. But unlike before, you don’t need a thousand business cards to get by or for your massage therapy business to thrive. Limit the quantity to your needs.

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