Memberships and subscriptions that used to be applicable only to wine clubs and streaming services are now found in nearly every industry. Even some electric toothbrush manufacturers allow you to opt in to receive new brush heads at your desired cadence, delivered directly to your door. These brands have tapped into the growing consumer desire to make repurchasing easier and more efficient.

Similarly, monthly massage memberships help clients book appointments with regularity since they are auto-billed for service credits that can be redeemed each month. The upside cannot be overstated for independent massage therapists: they are able to build repeat business and reliable income in uncertain times.

One primary challenge in growing a membership program for your massage practice is related to consumer trust. Many clients may be reluctant to sign up for something they fear they won’t fully utilize. So before we move on to our tips and ideas for selling more membership plans, we’re first recommending three easy ways you can establish trust in your program:

1. Create clear terms and stick to them

Ease any apprehension with clear terms of membership. This transparency will help build the client’s confidence and ensure that you are both on the same page as you start off on a long-term wellness journey together. Here are some terms and conditions to consider when structuring your massage membership plans:

  • Which services are included in the cost of a monthly plan?

  • Are there any applicable discounts on additional services received during the month?

  • How and when can a plan be paused or canceled?

  • For how many months will a plan automatically renew?

  • Can unused service credits roll over to the next month? If so, for how long?

2. Offer more than one membership option

Not all clients have the same wants, needs, and disposable income. Having multiple massage membership plans available will allow you to better serve everyone at your practice who wants to experience the many benefits of regular bodywork.

Consider offering different levels of membership to make it easy for anyone to join, including clients on a limited budget all the way up to those who can afford to spend much more.

Be careful not to overdo it though. Too many options can clutter your menu and make the decision of picking the right plan overly complicated.

3. Provide benefits and incentives for joining

An incentive doesn’t always have to come in the form of a dollar amount, especially when it comes to a monthly massage membership. As we all know, many powerful benefits of massage come only after a series of regular sessions. Be sure to put extra emphasis on the clear and undeniable improvements to health and wellness anytime you’re talking to a client about joining. After all, that should top the list of reasons why they should keep coming back to see you again and again.

However, a discount here and there never hurts, and you can use your membership program as a way to reward your most loyal clients. This can include savings on your standard services, complimentary add-ons at each appointment, access to exclusive holiday gift certificate promotions, or an additional 90-minute service a month for the price of 60 minutes.

There are countless ways to incentivize membership, but before you reach any decisions, it’s a good idea to think through how your choices will play out in the long run. Are they practical, achievable, and mutually beneficial for all parties involved?

Now that you have established a massage membership program that’s built on trust, it’s time to start marketing it on social media using the free post ideas that you can download below!

Social media continues to be a valuable way to connect with both potential and existing clients. With our three trust-building tips in mind, we have created eight pre-made social media marketing templates, including promotional graphics and captions, that can help you sell more massage membership plans.

Download your free massage marketing content now, and start sharing the posts on your social media pages to promote the benefits of joining your new program.

Please note:

  • We have kept the images fairly vague so that you can keep them in rotation no matter what program you have created.

  • We have created the images as squares so that you can share across the channels you utilize most, but keep in mind that social channels Facebook and Instagram recommend keeping images square (ideally, 1080x1080px) or vertical (1920x1080px) for an optimal mobile experience.