In this business, we are only as good as our bookings.

A good massage therapist has a loyal following and a better one leverages this following to increase their appointments with online booking while still manages to spend quality time with the family.

Take Rachel Beider. At 33, she owns and manages two massage therapy practice locations. She also serves as a consultant for budding entrepreneurs. Yet, she still has the time to give back to her community through charity.

We can’t say she just got lucky. It’s because she worked smart, and so can you!

“Luck is preparation-meeting-opportunity,” Rachel said humbly. “It’s all about building on your strengths.” But she does pride herself on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and trends.

She also did capitalize on one thing: increasing her online bookings.

As a massage therapist, we understand your need to expand the business. Maybe see seven to eight clients per day? How about managing a bigger clinic, too? Or hiring more staff?

We’re going to give you 6 simple tips to increase your online bookings that you simply can’t ignore! These useful tips will help you start simplifying and increasing online bookings.

Read on and start counting your business blessings!

1. Streamline Bookings on Facebook


There are smart ways to improve your social media bookings. But we’d like to focus on the easiest and most effective one—integrating your business page to Facebook with your own ‘Book Now’ button.

Now, your Facebook page isn’t just a social platform, it’s one of your most powerful online booking sources. A streamlined business on Facebook not just showcases convenience for your clients but encourages bookings with such a simple and efficient online booking system.

What if we told you it just took less than 5 clicks to display your entire business website within Facebook – including online booking? Magic? Nah. Just another amazingly useful tool MassageBook provides to help grow your practice.

So start integrating your online booking system into Facebook now!

2. Welcome More Bookings on MassageBook


MassageBook is the go-to place for convenient massage bookings online, anywhere, anytime.

If your business is not on the MassageBook Directory, then you’re missing out on a huge number of potential clients who are looking for services you offer in your local area.

We send over 8,500 bookings each week to massage therapists listed in our directory, which is a lot of bookings that your business is missing out on.

It’s FREE to get listed! Not to mention, you’ll get a whole sea of cool time-saving features:

• Online scheduling • Business website • Basic SOAP notes • Online booking • Client management • Card payments • And, much more!

The best part? Your clients can directly book appointments with you via your listing on the MassageBook Directory, your Facebook page, or your website.

3. Maximize Online Bookings On Your Website


According to Kissmetrics, 96% of your website visitors are not ready to buy—yet. But we all know the primary goal of our websites—to convert visitors into booked clients.

Make sure your website is simplified, yet profit-ready. Part of doing this involves making sure your booking button stands out. It doesn’t have to be “in-your-face annoying” but it should always be visible and inviting to make visitors to your website want to click on it and perform that action of booking a massage appointment online with you.

But it’s not just about having a booking button on your website, it’s also about where you place it. According to Jayson Demers, CEO and founder of an SEO agency, you should “make it easier for your visitors to convert by offering calls-to-action everywhere, reducing the amount of information you request, and ensuring easy, streamlined functionality across all browsers and devices.”

4. Use Your Blogs To Get Bookings


Your blog is another credible spokesperson for your business. You want your blog posts to sound friendly, yet smart, knowledgeable and sometimes witty.

You want to educate and inform your clients with tips and self-care know-how’s about the different types of massage you offer and why each one is good for them. The aim is to build trust and authority so you receive more massages bookings and referrals in return.

Either way, if you create enriching and engaging content, you should always be sharing it with your community on social media and via email marketing. Make sure there is always a visible ‘Book Online’ button on each post because you never know who’s ready to book a massage with you.

Just remember how important it is to optimize your blogs as part of the conversion funnel. It may take some time to build credibility but you have a chance to establish yourself as an expert in the field.

As a recognized expert in massage therapy, you’ll soon enjoy responding to comments on social media and, if you’re great at what you do, you might even be invited to guest write for local news bulletins or perhaps be invited to provide educational talks within your local community.

Just imagine the tremendous amount of publicity and the possibility of more clients.

5. Send an Impactful Email or Newsletter to Get Bookings


Emails work really well – especially creatively-designed, professional looking emails that create an impression and lure with a good promise.

Send email blasts to announce exciting promotions, sell gift certificates, or invite your email list to an upcoming event.

Try sharing some good news or latest reviews you’ve received. Some loyal customers are ardent subscribers but you can woo even first-time customers by simply sending a “thank you” email just to let them know they are valued.

Always include a link in your emails that invite your email list to directly book a massage appointment. It’s personal, it’s direct and you can track your sales from your email campaigns.

When your email list is informed and enticed, they will be encouraged to book. Remember to show your human side when you write your emails, the more relatable you come across, the more trust you’ll build and the better results you’ll get.

6. Do Cross Promotions with Local Businesses


There are companies and businesses out there that you probably emulate. They’re so good at pleasing their clients, you can’t help but hope to ride in their success.

So, why not ask for a cross promotion? You can negotiate a way for them to promote your massage business in their networks and social platforms in return for you doing the same. Sharing one of your blog posts, social media posts, or even a review – the list of positive publicities from an influencing party can go on.

You can even take it to the next level and ask the business you’re doing a cross promotion with to add your direct online booking link when sharing.

If you have loyal followers, you can ask them to include your booking link in any reviews they leave you on social media. Why does this matter? Because 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they would trust a personal recommendation. Who knows which of their friends will see their review on your Facebook page and decide to book a massage with you, too!

This is such a great way to increase your visibility and credibility, but do bear in mind that cross promotions aren’t just one-sided - you’ll be expected to promote their business, too. It’s up to you to work out with them what that looks like, but don’t forget to reciprocate the love!

The Bottom Line: Simplify your Online Booking System It will be easier to attract more clients if you’re confident with your online booking system.

Choose the one which can simplify the whole process for you. A system that can manage your online presence, marketing, and your schedule, so you don’t miss out on appointments, bookings, and what matters most in your life.

Intimidated by new technology? Aren’t we all.

But again, there is always someone or something that can help. You just have to be open to new ideas.

Learn more about how MassageBook can simplify your practice and help you generate more income today.