Is your massage practice not experiencing the growth you had planned for? Sometimes, the “If you build it, they will come,” method needs a little helping hand. Here are 5 things that successful massage businesses are doing well, and you should be doing too:

1. Create a Unique Experience for First-Time Clients

Great massage businesses have over 70% of their business from repeat clients. What are you doing to delight clients on their first visit and get them coming back? Taking the extra few minutes to explain your philosophy and methods before the service, offering simple luxuries like cucumber water or a hot towel upon arrival, never overbooking or rescheduling, and leaving your client with some relaxation tips or quick fixes for problem areas can all make a huge difference in how they feel about your customer service. If they are visiting because of a reduced price (like Groupon), you may also consider offering them another smaller incentive to come back.

2. Offer Rewards for Referrals

An early 2015 study conducted by Verizon and Small Business tends showed that 85% of new customers for small businesses came from word of mouth. Happy clients are bound to discuss your business with family and friends—when it comes up. But it may not always be the topic of conversation. A rewards program will help incentivize client to spread the good word about your massage business. Some software solutions, like MassageBook, can automate referral requests by email and even post client reviews on their Facebook pages to drive even more referral traffic your way.

3. Stay on Top of Social Media

74% of consumers rely on social media to research and read reviews before deciding if and where they want to spend their money. Get in front of your clients and brand your massage practice with a strong social media presence. MassageBook allows you to integrate your business profile and online booking right into Facebook, which can convert visitors into booking clients. You can post about upcoming promotions, relaxation techniques, stretching tips for sore muscles, ways to exercise without pain, etc. What’s helpful to your audience is helpful to your business!

4. Emphasize and Build Reviews

Did you know that businesses with over 10 credible reviews on their website get over 20 times more new clients booking online? That’s a huge surplus of business and underscores the importance of reviews. Don’t worry about calling your cousins or friends to write reviews. Automate the review request process with MassageBook, or ask people to submit a review after their appointment

5. Never Leave Home Without your Business Cards

Never underestimate the power of being where your customers are. Leave your cards behind at popular restaurants and coffee shops with a great call-to-action or promotion. Want to know if it’s working? Try printing a unique promotional code on the back of the card to tell you how many people are picking up that card and using it to contact you! Be sure to put all your methods of contact on the card, including your website that should offer online booking.

These small changes will make a big impact on your massage business. Having loyal clients is amazing, but having loyal clients who are willing to talk about you to friends is what will grow your business. Make it easier for them to share their wonderful experience with you and reap the benefits.