Email marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your massage therapy services, your products, and any new promotions you may be running. Mastering the art of email marketing, however, can be a challenging feat. While it may seem quite simple, the fact is it takes strategic and purposeful planning to fully glean the optimal results of your efforts. Here are three tips to get the most from your email marketing campaigns:

#1 Organize your email recipients.

Whether you have 25 people on your email list or 2500, they’re all not going to respond to your email the same way. Even though all of them may have been added to your list when they visited your practice or when they signed up to receive emails on your website, they’re all unique individuals, diverse types of clients, and different types of responses to emails.

As a result, your emailing list should have sub-lists. If you were to just break the list into two sub-categories, you would have one list for current clients that you have seen in person throughout the past 6 months, and another list for clients you haven’t seen recently. You could break it down further into the reasons why the customers came to you. You might have a list for clients who had physical-related ailments and another list for clients who came to you to relieve stress. If you’ve run other email marketing campaigns, you can create lists of those clients who have responded to past emails and those who have not. Further still, you might break the list up into clients who were referred to you from a doctor or an established customer, those who visited your practice via a coupon, those who found you via your website, and those who made appointments as a result of a gift card they received. You’ll want to keep note of your active clients as they are the ones who open and respond to your emails; they either click further so they get to your website’s landing page, or they print the coupon and use it, or they call; there is some form of action they take. For the inactive recipients of your email, you’ll have to try a little bit harder, a little bit longer. Send them short, to-the-point emails offering them an appealing special they can’t refuse! Your goal is to get them to be active respondents and loyal, recurring, and referring clients!

As you can see by the number of different lists possible, the content of your emails could (and should) be written appropriately for each recipient. While you don’t want to create 2500 different emails every time you launch a new email marketing campaign, you do want to be sure your wording sounds like you are writing just to one individual. For someone you’ve just seen 2 weeks ago, you certainly don’t want the email to start off with “We’ve missed you and haven’t seen you in a long time!” 

#2 Create different email styles.

Don’t send the exact same type of content in every email. Put coupons in some, links to videos you’ve created in others, and engaging content in yet others. Keep track of which types of email content generate the best results. If your recipients seem to respond best to a few simple sentences and a big coupon, use that style more than videos that maybe receive no response. If you’re too personally swamped taking care of your clients and the other aspects of running your own massage therapy practice, hire a professional company to handle your email marketing campaign for you; or, at the very least, assign the task of monitoring the email responses to one of your staff members.

#3 Synchronize your emails.

As with most everything in life, timing matters. By hiring a company to handle your email marketing campaign, they can also track the times of the day/night the emails are getting opened, which ones are linking back to your website, and how long the customers are then staying on your landing page.  Synchronize your emails so that you don’t always send them out on a Monday morning or only on Thursday evenings. You’ll have to see which times are the best by trying different scenarios and analyzing the results. Why you can certainly learn all this yourself, your time is important to you and perhaps might be better served working directly with your clients.

Randomly sending out emails won’t ever be as productive as taking the time to write engaging content for each type of client and then monitoring the best types of content and the best times to send the emails. Whether you choose to manage your email marketing campaign yourself or you opt to hire a company to help you, launch your email campaigns thoughtfully.