As a massage addict, there’s nothing better than to open up your Facebook app or flip open your newspaper to see the words “MASSAGE SPECIAL” splattered over the page. It causes near-euphoria. And at MassageBook, we want you to be able to capture that magic with your clients many times over.

Monthly massage specials are meant to create recurring revenue and there’s never been a better time to do it. With COVID-19 surges happening all over the country and state governments threatening to shut down again, your clients could all use a little relaxation and (even more) a little discount.

But that doesn’t have to come at the cost of your bottom line!

We know that specials can be daunting. There’s the need to be quippy and quick, creative and concise. So that’s why we’ve developed 21 monthly massage special ideas below that center around the biggest revenue drivers of your business: repeat clientele, referrals, reviews, and partners.

First up, let’s talk rewards.


Rewards are great because they encourage your current clients to refer new ones for an incentive, which means that you are (hopefully) going to get two bookings with one proverbial stone. And don’t forget about the power of gift certificate sales, as well as massage memberships plans.

Here are five ways you can incorporate rewards as part of your next monthly massage special:

  • Refer a friend & get $25 toward your next service after they book their first appointment

  • Book before you leave & save 10% on your next service

  • Refer a friend and receive a free 15-min. add-on massage service of your choice

  • Buy a $50+ gift certificate, receive a $10 gift certificate for you

  • Save 15% when you sign up for a 1-year massage membership

Next up, we have five ideas that all center around social sharing.

If you don’t know, sharing is one of the best metrics to watch to assess how your social media content is working. Lots of shares mean you’re bringing lots of value to your audience since a share is like an endorsement. If you’re not generating many shares, a monthly massage special might be the way to kick things off!


  • Follow us and share this post to receive 10% off your next visit

  • Tag 2 massage-loving friends & share this post to be entered to win a $50 gift card

  • Tag a friend & be entered to win a $25 gift card for you AND for them

  • Write us a Facebook review and share it on Facebook to receive 25% off your next service

  • Share this post to get 50% off any add-on service when you book your next appointment

Third, we have six ideas that focus on generating reviews.

Reviews are the lifeblood of online bookings. They allow prospective clients to choose between you and the competition, so it’s important to stay on top of generating good Google reviews. If you have a client who has returned even once, it’s time to send them a link to review you on Google My Business.


These ideas can help incentivize taking that extra step. We recommend that you send these monthly massage specials via email or text to ensure that you’re only reaching your current, trusted clientele. And don’t forget to give them a Google review link so that they can quickly take action:

  • If you’re one of our amazing clients, we are currently running a Google review special. Simply write us a Google review and share it on Facebook to receive 25% off your next service!

  • When you write us a Google review, you will automatically receive a “insert your free add-on here” at your next appointment.

  • While you sit at home on your computer this weekend, write us a Google review and we’ll give you $10 toward your next service.

  • Aw, we love you too! When you leave us a Google review, we will give you a mystery gift certificate to redeem at your next visit. It could be good for up to $50 off!

  • Google reviews make a HUGE impact on massage businesses. Right now, when my clients review my practice, I will pay it forward and donate $10 from your next appointment to the local charity of your choice!

  • This month, any client who leaves me a review on Google will be entered to win a specially priced monthly membership plan.

Lastly, we’re going to focus on another revenue driver: partners.

Who said that specials had to be just for your individual clients? They could also be with local businesses — for their employees and customers. Do you have a local business you love? Then talk to them about the potential for one of the following five monthly massage special ideas:

  • Partner with a flower shop and offer $10 coupons to their customers. Call it “Blooms & Bodywork.”

  • Partner with a local chiropractor or physical therapist and offer an exclusive 15% discount for their patients.

  • Reach out to a local boutique or retailer and ask if they’ll put your card in each of their shopping bags. Return the favor by offering a 15% discount to their employees.

  • Go on air with local radio hosts and give them neck massages while they talk. Offer their listeners $10 off their first visit and give them a name or code to say when they book.

  • Reach out to larger companies in your area and offer a discounted monthly membership to their employees. Sometimes this can be added to their benefits package, so make sure you go through the HR department.

What other ideas for monthly massage specials do you have? Tell us about them on Facebook.

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