Heather Karr Johnson

Business owners believe in multi-tasking and being able to “tough through” daunting challenges; but stress reduction is not a luxury. No one gets a badge of honor for not taking care of him or herself.

My goal is to help people reduce their stress level (which reduces their chances of getting sick) and to help them operate in their business and personal life with clarity of thought, increased effectiveness, a stronger immune system and emotional and physical resilience. I'm also the inventor of the SPABALL Massager (Kaddy) and KaddyBACK (GBM Health, Inc.)

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Inventor of Golf Ball Massage SPAball Kaddy

Inventor of the SPAball Kaddy™ and the KaddyBACK™. Developed a special “Golf Ball Massage” where a golf ball is used (with the SPAball Kaddy) for a deep-tissue therapeutic massage, as well as cross-fiber work, while protecting the therapist’s hands. The KaddyBACK is used for self-care for deep massage on the upper back. http://www.golfballmassage.com/

SPECIALTIES: Bodywork and Massage techniques I perform

Bodywork & Massage

  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue
  • Other

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