George Rodafinos

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  • EKES
  • Life Therapy Academy
  • London Therapy Center
  • ITEC
  • Dr. Vodder Clinic
  • Association Drainage Lymphatic Vodder


Bodywork & Massage

  • Reflexology
  • Mobile Reflexology
  • Mobile Deep Tissue

George Rodafinos

Just breath deep and let go

Bridging the gap between emotions and body, since 1989

Empathic care, an inquisitive mind and a focus on detail on the path of alleviating pain and improving the human experience, led me to develop the Deep Tissue technique called Functional Muscle Manipulation.
With the FMM, we go beyond just 'working those tight spots'. We work with the patient teaching them how they themselves keep those muscles chronically contracted and ho...

Where I Work

Marousi Massage Therapy  

Antheon 19, Marousi, AL 15123 Map it


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Assistant Physiotherapist
Life Therapy Academy
London Therapy Center
Swedish Massage
Anatomy, Physiology and Massage Diploma
Dr. Vodder Clinic
MLD/CDT Combined Decongestive Therapy
Association Drainage Lymphatic Vodder
Manual Lymph Drainage, basic and Therapy I


Notable Experiences

End of life treatment with Reflexology
A final stage cancer patient found my Reflexology their final pain management and comfort companion. Thessaloniki, Greece, 2010
A Princess's carpal tunnel syndrome
In 2009 I was called to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to treat a Princess with a very low quality of life due to intense pains that were diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome. After releasing the tension and solving her trapezius and other muscle spasms, with my Functional Muscle Manipulation technique, she finally got to sleep at night and her pains largely dissapeared.
Idiopathic Scoliosis Cases
During my practice in Thessaloniki and Athens, Greece, I treated a few cases of Idiopathic Scoliosis using the Functional Muscle Manipulation, with unexpected success. I wrote an article which got initially published in the industry's Greek 'Holistic Life' journal explaining the hypothesis behind the success. IMO, Scoliosis is basically a psychosomatic problem.
TV shows abroad
I was invited twice to Cyprus by the country's #1 TV show at the time. The second one was a 2 hours show, that made a full presentation of me and my technique, and I got to interact with viewers on the air and in the studio.
Sinusitis treatment specialization with the LMD
I had a few sinusitis sufferers that received fantastic results using Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage on their face and neck. Some of the needed just 2 sessions and some of them lasted for years.
Lumbar disk operations that never happened
I had dozens of scheduled for disk surgery patients that came to me as a last resort, avoided their surgery with the Functional Muscle Manipulation and lived good quality, pain free lives for the following years.