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 I offer a variety of Deep Tissue and Swedish massage techniques focused on calming the nervous system, enhancing circulation, increasing range of motion, restoring tissue health, and promoting a general sense of ease and well-being. I offer information to help clients increase stability and avoid injury, getting to the root of many musculoskeletal ailments.

Every body is different, and I tailor my treatment to fit your needs. I am currently taking new clients at my location in the Fremont/Wallingford area. I would love to help you decrease pain, increase awareness, and progressively develop a greater sense of ease, stability, self-sufficiency, and joy!

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WA # 60571522


Everest College: Seattle

Massage Therapy


Massage, Clinical

I have more than 3 years of experience working at two clinics in the Seattle area specializing in clinical massage work. My focus is on targeted treatment blended with relaxation. Trigger point therapy, deep tissue, sports massage, dry cupping, myofascial release, and gua sha are my favorite modalities. I love performing very specific work combined with deeply soothing petrissage to calm the nervous system, speed healing, increase range of motion, enhance circulation, and decrease pain.

REVIEWS for my Bodywork or Fitness services

by Jeff on Jan 22
Charylie is not only incredibly skilled, but creates a relaxing and comfortable environment that I'm always happy to return with each appointment
by Anonymous on Jan 14
Charylie is very knowledgeable massage therapist. I highly recommend her.
by Anonymous on Nov 09
great experience! thank you!
by Jenny on Oct 10
Charylie does amazing work! I am really appreciative of all the things she's been able to help me with (back pain, two shoulder injuries, ankle injury.) She is highly knowledgeable, professional - yet kind and personable, and creative with different tools/techniques to provide both a therapeutic and relaxing massage.
by Anonymous on Sep 25
Ive gotten alot of massage and she is one of the best. Her knowledge of how muscles work is immaculate. Her ability to communicate with customer to heal areas that need attention is excellent.
by LEVI on Aug 29
Charylie is an incredibly skillful and knowledgeable massage therapist. I've been lucky to see her a number of times and I always learn something new from her.
by Anonymous on Aug 12
very skilled, adaptive, adjusts readily to my needs (where I have sore spots, etc). Terrific as always!
by Anonymous on Aug 03
The back part of massage is always the best and she always knows how to make me relax and feel comfortable.
by Anonymous on Jun 09
Really talented massage therapist. Creative and skilled approach that gets results.
by Teresa on Jun 05
Charylie is one of the best massage therapists I've seen. She listened to what I needed and provided just that and more. She often checked on me to make sure she was applying the right pressure and that I was comfortable. She's very knowledgeable and took the time to explain why certain muscles were right and achy and recommended a book that I can use to do self-massages.

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