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  • Massage, CA #41532


  • National Holistic Institute


Bodywork & Massage

  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Massage

Samantha Johnson

Mind Your Body

Samantha received her massage therapy certification from the National Holistic Institute in 2008. She has since continued her education in Thai massage, myofascial release, and most recently, neural mobilization. Sessions will typically include a variety of techniques including trigger point therapy and assisted stretching, while providing exceptional strength and attention to breath. 

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Massage, CA # 41532



National Holistic Institute
Massage Therapist and Health Educator


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by Anonymous on Jan 07
Wonderful professional massage attuned to my needs! I always feel so much better after her massages.
by Cassie L. on Nov 15
Love her!!! Sam always takes the time to ask about problem areas and focuses each session on addressing those issues. I always walk away feeling better than when I arrived.
by Christa B. on Nov 03
She'd the best. She has a vast knowledge of anatomy and has helped me over come many issues.
by Salma L. on Oct 04
I liked that Samantha let me know that she does hard pressure beforehand so I was able to tell her not to if need be and then asked if the pressure was okay during (which it was--it was perfect!) Overall, it was amazing!
by Ted C. on Sep 20
Samantha rocks
by Marisa C. on Jul 14
I have had hundreds of massages before however, none are as good as the ones Samantha gives. You feel relief from sore muscles and relaxed at the same time. She has techniques that are unique, super strong hands, and great "lines" that work the entire muscle from start to finish.
by Anonymous on Jun 01
Great massage!
by bryan w. on May 03
Lower leg feels pretty good today! Looking forward to a follow up!
by Michelle C. on Apr 28
Samantha is thorough, intuitive and thoughtful. Her therapy is effective in treating my sports injuries and in preventative care. I have been seeing her for two plus years now and recommend her continually to family, friends and colleagues.
by Amy B. on Apr 12
Magical healing hands! I asked Sammi for 1/2 healing touch (AKA deep tissue massage to rework/loosen up my tight muscles) and 1/2 relaxing/therapeutic. She delivered exactly that!
by JoAnn M. on Mar 22
Sam knows how to go beyond a "feel good" massage and how to work on the issues I am having with tight hip flexors and shoulder problems - and it works.
by Gina T. on Mar 21
Samantha is very skillful as a massage therapist. I have been seeing her for several years to help with low back pain, and she is excellent when it comes to working not only on what I perceive as the "problem area" but also on all the areas of my body that are connected and need attention as well. I appreciate how she is able to do deep tissue work and be sensitive with a lighter touch when needed. Now that I am pregnant I am seeing Samantha for pre-natal massages which are absolutely wonderful!
by Albert C. on Mar 17
She's one of those therapists that dynamically adjusts according to different circumstances. Seems to really know where to find the knots, how much -- or little -- pressure to apply, etc. Not someone who simply follows a prescribed set of instructions on what to work on.
by Berit X. on Mar 12
I have to say that Samantha's instincts with regard to deep tissue and muscle release techniques are the best I have ever encountered and I'm a certified massage therapist. I can trust her completely to go as deep as possible with out going too far. She seems to have unfailing instincts and amazing control. I have just had 5 sessions with and will be signing up for another group. The truth is that at least six times a session the thought comes though my mind this is the best thing that ever happened to me!! I'm not joking I've a lot of stress and tension in the last few years and Samatha's work is beyond wonderful.
by Amber R. on Mar 01
I loved the healing massages I have received Samantha is so empathetic to the body and mind.
by June F. on Feb 19
Professional...excellent knowledge and understanding of problem spots. Skilled healer. My go-to!
by Rosie Y. on Feb 05
Samantha puts all of her energy into the specific injured area and has an abundance of knowledge regarding the makeup of the human body. I'm amazed by how she knows the correlation of all the muscles and their specific functions. Highly recommended.