Abbie Mae Peterson

  • CA License #: 74373

"A healer does not heal you. A healer holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself." -Maryam Hasnaa

I am a channel for Mystic Movement. I create a space that allows one to drop into themselves, and allow their deepest source to be open for healing. I understand this takes time, and that is why I am here to guide one along the way. I strive to collaborate with many different people, cultures, places around the world, so that I strengthen my experience. 

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My Services

CA # 74373


Cypress Health Institute

Massage Therapy Certification Program


Burke Williams Massage Academy

Massage Therapy Certification Program


Deep Tissue

I have over a 1000 hours of experience training in Deep Tissue Massage from massage certification courses from Cypress Health Institute as well as the Burke Williams Massage Academy.

Hot Stone Massage

I began learning Hot Stone Massage while I was a student at the Burke Williams Massage Academy. I was so intrigued by the healing benefits of using the heat of the stones to release any tension our muscles store. I currently use Hot Stone massage in my practice, and am finding new ways to use the stones with every experience I have with my clients.


In my current employment I use Swedish massage with most of my clients. My fundamental training has been from Cypress Health Institute as well as Burke Williams Massage Academy.

Thai Massage

Basic training of Thai Massage through Cypress Health Institute.


Burke Williams Massage Academy has provided my training for Pregnancy Massage. The experienced I have attained from this modality is motivating me to purse a continuing education.

Polarity Therapy

I was introduced to Polarity Therapy from Cypress Health Institute and have furthered my experience outside of the institute.


I completed my Blue Fire Reiki Certification course in 2012 and I am continuing my education in this modality.