A person's sanity is not only serviced by the mind, but also the state of their internal organs

Transformational Abdominal Massage 

(based on Chi Nei Tsang/ Chinese Abdominal Massage),
rejuvenates the movement of chi/energy in the abdomen encouraging the organs to work more efficiently and reminds the body of its optimal state. TAM purges the system of unprocessed emotions and unwanted pollutants and harmonizes the flow of energy to all the major systems in the body (nervous, digestive, muscular, skeletal, reproductive, lymphatic, urinary, cardiovascular and endocrine).

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Where I Work

Chi Nei Tsang Institute

CNT Eastern/Western Anatomy and Physiology


Chi Nei Tsang Institute

Fusion of the Five Elemental Forces


Chi Nei Tsang Institute

Internal Organs Integrated Massage


Trinity College

Massage Therapy Program


Terra Turquoise Healing Arts

Chi Nei Tsang Apprentice Workshop for Practitioners

REVIEWS for my Bodywork services

by Cindy on Nov 02
She is an amazingly gifted therapist!
by Anonymous on Nov 01
I found Jade to be very professional, clear minded and kind. It was hard for me to determine whether her work was a good fit for the personal work I am wanting to do.
by nancy on Oct 19
Jada’s the best!
by Peter on Oct 19
I will say I went into this with quite a bit of skepticism, but what I experienced was nothing short of a transformative experience. I was suffering with a emotional and physical blockage. Jada helped me open those floodgates safely so I can see things more clearly now. So much so, that I rebooked within a week. Heaven must be missing an angel, and she lives right here in Santa Barbara! I can’t recommend her more. And I think my heart space grew three sizes. Category is: YELLOW!
by Justin on Oct 13
Really, really powerful work. Jada is very professional, calm and attentive to the subtle energy of my body.
by Pieter on Oct 12
Jada's treatment was indeed transformational and profoundly moving. I didn't actually realize how blocked I was until she started dialoging with my body. She unblocked what was blocked and got my energy channels straightened out. I don't know that I have ever been so comfortable with a new person so immediately, but her gentle, loving, supportive demeanor was everything that I needed in the session. The effects have been beneficial and a day later I still feel great. My gratitude to Jada.
by Josh on Oct 08
I wanted personally to let you everone know how gratifying it was to receive Jada special ability to heal. Grareful for Jadasupport and encouragement. Coming as it did from someone all too familiar with just how many claim to be a healer that she is purest can be. Thanks Jada
by Becky on Oct 02
Jada does incredible work. I feel so comfortable with her :-) Very peaceful and insightful.
by Anonymous on Sep 26
A little confusing to find.
by June on Sep 14
Today, is the day after my session and I'm feeling fine. I will go again. My experience was totally helpful..I was comfortable and Jada found my sore spots and a few that I didn't know I had been ignoring. She concluded with a warm cup of water that was delightful. Peaceful ambiance of the room and Jada's skill was a vacation.

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