A person's sanity is not only serviced by the mind, but also the state of their internal organs

Transformational Abdominal Massage 

(based on Chi Nei Tsang/ Chinese Abdominal Massage),
rejuvenates the movement of chi/energy in the abdomen encouraging the organs to work more efficiently and reminds the body of its optimal state. TAM purges the system of unprocessed emotions and unwanted pollutants and harmonizes the flow of energy to all the major systems in the body (nervous, digestive, muscular, skeletal, reproductive, lymphatic, urinary, cardiovascular and endocrine).

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Chi Nei Tsang Institute

CNT Eastern/Western Anatomy and Physiology


Chi Nei Tsang Institute

Fusion of the Five Elemental Forces


Chi Nei Tsang Institute

Internal Organs Integrated Massage


Trinity College

Massage Therapy Program


Terra Turquoise Healing Arts

Chi Nei Tsang Apprentice Workshop for Practitioners

REVIEWS for my Bodywork services

by Justin on Oct 14
Highly recommend her to the entire world.
by Suzanne on Oct 11
Jada is so intuitive, she goes right to the source and guides you and your body to ease and grace. Thank you so divinely!
by Montserrat on Oct 09
Jada is fabulous, gentle and intuitive. She is also the sweetest, kindest and most genuine person you would want to have work with you. It was a treat to discover her and indulge in her services. I'd highly recommend her to anyone interested in this kind of treatment.
by Chloe on Oct 07
Jada‘s work is truly transformational. Every time I have a session with her I leave feeling deeply connected to my source, present, peaceful and open. She has helped me so much to connect with what is most important in life, my own deepest presence. She’s highly intuitive and gifted, and holds me with unconditional love and care and it is such precious medicine.
by Jody on Sep 30
Amazing as always
by Charlene on Sep 28
Jada has a sixth sense in supporting your body to be even stronger. She has wonderful insight. Good way to spend 50 minutes!
by Tracey on Sep 20
Amazing session with Jada today. She is truly gifted. ??
by Anonymous on Sep 14
I'm amazed by the depth of Jada's sessions. The work brings both a simple and intricate unraveling. What a sweet blessing.
by Anonymous on Sep 13
Jada is a body whisperer - and I know my body sighs with relief when it realises it's in her hands for a while - someone who will understand and help it through whatever's going on!
by Chrystal on Aug 30
Such a lovely and beautiful experience.

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