A person's sanity is not only serviced by the mind, but also the state of their internal organs

Transformational Abdominal Massage 

(based on Chi Nei Tsang/ Chinese Abdominal Massage),
rejuvenates the movement of chi/energy in the abdomen encouraging the organs to work more efficiently and reminds the body of its optimal state. TAM purges the system of unprocessed emotions and unwanted pollutants and harmonizes the flow of energy to all the major systems in the body (nervous, digestive, muscular, skeletal, reproductive, lymphatic, urinary, cardiovascular and endocrine).

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Where I Work

Chi Nei Tsang Institute

CNT Eastern/Western Anatomy and Physiology


Chi Nei Tsang Institute

Fusion of the Five Elemental Forces


Chi Nei Tsang Institute

Internal Organs Integrated Massage


Trinity College

Massage Therapy Program


Terra Turquoise Healing Arts

Chi Nei Tsang Apprentice Workshop for Practitioners

REVIEWS for my Bodywork services

by Katharine (Kat) on Apr 14
Jada is a gifted healer. She is highly proficient in her energy work and her compassion and empathy are top knotch! She is one of a kind. Thank you Jada! I’ll be back again and again! And I will spread the word as well.
by Andrew on Apr 12
Just as helpful for the mind as it was for the body!
by Ginny on Apr 09
Jada is a gem and has the Midas touch. She follows her intuition in massage the internal organs for optimal functioning and vibrancy.
by Catlin on Mar 26
Jada has a true gift and talent, and makes you feel like you have finally found someone who can make a difference. Her work is powerful. I know in my gut (pun intended) that finally giving some healing attention to my deep center is HUGELY important! Thank you for sharing your gifts in SB, Jada! This modality of somatic healing is sorely needed in these difficult times.
by Anonymous on Mar 25
Jada is a very gifted practitioner and will support your body on its way to optimum health with grace and caring.
by Jenn on Mar 05
Jada you are such an incredible gift in my life and too so many! I was so impacted from our session yesterday. The word you guided me to speak to my body were exactly what she needed to hear. I will be singing those loving words more often. Thank you my sweet sister. I love your.
by Amisha on Mar 01
I felt very safe, very held. The work was gentle and very profound. I am looking forward to continuing this work with Jada!
by Brenda on Feb 24
What an awesome, unique experience. Jada is so intuitive and supportive. I am hooked!
by Anonymous on Feb 20
Jada's work reset my conscious state in 50 minutes. I was able to be present in the moment and felt amazingly calm for the rest of the day. We are blessed to have such a gifted intuitive healer in Santa Barbara.
by Jason on Feb 19
As so many others have written, Jada is simply amazing and truly gifted. Highly recommended!

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