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As a Certified Massage Practitioner and as a Certified Personal Trainer, it is my goal to help you live your life to the fullest, and to perform your daily activities with strength and free from pain.

While growing up in Maui, I followed my mother’s footsteps into massage therapy, learning how important massage therapy can be in treating and preventing injuries.

I began playing competitive tennis at the age of 9, and I was ultimately awarded a scholarship to play collegiate level tennis at West...

As a Certified Massage Practitioner and as a Certified Personal Trainer, it is my goal to help you live your life to the fullest, and to perform your daily activities with strength and free from pain.

While growing up in Maui, I followed my mother’s footsteps into massage therapy, learning how important massage therapy can be in treating and preventing injuries.

I began playing competitive tennis at the age of 9, and I was ultimately awarded a scholarship to play collegiate level tennis at Westmont College. During my first year of college, I experienced a low back injury that prevented me from playing at my optimum potential. At that time, I was told that I may have been suffering from a bulging disk, and that I needed an MRI to determine what further treatment I would need. I opted out of the MRI and while home for the Christmas holiday, I received two weeks of movement therapy which resulted in a dramatic increase in range of motion and decrease of pain. Which led me back to the tennis court in no time!

Although I battled lower back and repetitive-use shoulder injuries during my next three years as a college tennis player, I learned how much difference it makes to prepare one’s body through training, and how movement therapy can dramatically increase one’s range of motion and functionality.

I earned my Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology at Westmont College, and have since become a Certified Massage Practitioner and a Certified Personal Trainer. I believe that continuing education and improving oneself is the key to progressive growth and success.

Since my college days, I have learned how important it is to exercise daily, and what profound effects daily exercise routines have on the body. Through employment, including those that involve sitting at a computer for long periods of time, and through exercise that places increased demands on my body, I have come to understand the overall picture of how stability and flexibility  have helped provide unlimited potential for me to perform my highest level.

I currently live with my husband in Santa Barbara, and I enjoy playing recreational Tennis and Ultimate Frisbee on the weekends. My daily exercise routine includes functional training, suspension training at home, and yoga.



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Westmont College

B.S. in Kinesiology


Santa Barbara Body Works

250 hour Massage Practitioner Program


Orthopedic Massage 130 hour Program

I learned orthopedic massage, based on the research by James Waslaski. This clinically researched technique approaches the body by restoring normal muscle resting length, joint mobility and increasing range of motion by use of functional assessments, myofascial release, posturology, neuromuscular therapy, scar tissue mobilization, myoskeletal alignment, P.N.F stretching and strengthening. By implementing a 12 step protocol, functional assessment of each joint’s range of motion are tested, followed by assessment of the joint itself and facilitated vs inhibited muscle groups. It is used to assess the following problems: • Low back pain, SI joint dysfunction, sciatica, Frozen hips • rotator cuff injuries, shoulder impingement, pectoralis minor strains, bicipital tendinosis, • thoracic outlet, cervical sprains and strains, whiplash, atlas / axis & C1/C2 mobilization, migraine headaches, • medial and lateral epicondyle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, and joint arthritis. • Patella femoral Pain, Patella Tendinosis, Chondromalacia, IT Band Friction Syndrome, • Fixated Posterior Fibular Head Pain, Abnormal Knee Rotation, Medial & Lateral Collateral Ligament Sprains, Medial and Lateral Meniscus Tears, ACL & PCL Sprains, • Hamstring Strains, Popliteal Pain, Plantaris Strains, plantarfasciitis, Achilles tendinosis, posterior

Trigger Point Therapy 60 hour Program

I successfully completed an Trigger Point Therapy program. What is a trigger point? A trigger point is considered to be a painful nodule within the belly of a muscle. The defining symptom of a trigger point is referred pain; that is, trigger points usually send their pain to some other site within the body. This is an extremely misleading phenomenon and is the reason conventional treatments for pain so often fail. It’s a mistake to assume that the problem is at the place that hurts! Travell and Simons’s research has shown that trigger points are the primary cause of pain 75% of the time and are at least a part of nearly every pain problem. Trigger points cause headaches, neck and jaw pain, low back pain, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome. They are the source of the pain in such joints as the shoulder, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle that is so often mistaken for arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, or ligament injury. Trigger points also cause symptoms as diverse as dizziness, earaches, sinusitis, nausea, heartburn, false heart pain, heart arrhythmia, genital pain, and numbness in the hands and feet. Even fibromyalgia may have its beginnings with myofascial trigger points. Luckily, the pain and other symptoms caused by trigger points occur in predictable patterns. When you know where to look, trigger points are easily located and deactivated with simple techniques of self-applied massage. Massage of the trigger point flushes the tissue and helps the trigger point’s contracted sarcomeres begin to release. In dealing directly with the trigger point, massage is the safest, most natural, and most effective form of pain therapy. With trigger point massage, myofascial pain can usually be eliminated within three to ten days. Even long-standing chronic conditions can be significantly improved in as little as six weeks. For more information go to:

Level 1 Neurokinetic Therapy Certification 16 hour course

Will be attending the NKT Level 1 Course August 29-30. Neurokinetic therapy is based on the concept of manual muscle testing and motor control theory. Whether a dysfunction exists from an agonist-antagonist relationship or dysfunction within the kinetic chain, functional assessments and muscle testing will enable us to be detectives in this participatory therapy. NeuroKinetic Therapy® corrective movement system is a sophisticated bodywork modality that can be used as both an assessment and rehabilitative technique for low back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel, and other injuries. David Weinstock, author of Neurokinetic Therapy, an Innovative Approach to Manual Muscle Testing, co-developed this technique in the mid-1980s, and has used it to treat a variety of disorders that are featured on this website. The NeuroKinetic Therapy® corrective movement system protocol employing a system of precise muscle tests has the ability to change the programming of the Motor Control Center (MCC) in the cerebellum. The MCC coordinates all movement patterns in the body. It learns through failure. A good example is a baby learning to stand. Through many attempts and failures the baby finally achieves success. But how? The MCC chooses the most successful attempts until standing happens without “thinking” about it. Conversely, after an injury, the MCC adapts to a compensation pattern and holds that in its memory forever unless it is convinced to change. A good example is a whiplash accident in which the posterior neck muscles brace for the anterior neck muscles. This pattern can endure forever unless there is some intervention. When an NeuroKinetic Therapy® corrective movement system practitioner tests the weak anterior neck muscles, they fail thus opening the MCC to new learning. After the balance is restored, the MCC is “reprogrammed” and recognizes the anterior neck muscles. To complete the reprogramming, specific rehab exercises are assigned to “burn in” the new functional pattern. Link to further information:

REVIEWS for my Bodywork services

by Anonymous on Oct 15
I was hoping for more relief Will come back
by Kevin on Apr 19
by Heidi on Apr 10
Very intuitive and skillful, with a caring attitude.
by Caroline on Mar 01
Christina! You are so knowledgeable and thorough! Thank you for caring so much and helping me in such a big way. I really appreciate your professionalism and how effectively you run your business. I loved my homework videos to help me know what to do to keep building on our work when I'm not with you. I will be recommending you for sure!
by Brian on Jan 20
Christina took sufficient time isolating the injury before quickly jumping to the final prognosis. Once we had worked through several rounds of testing she gave clear instructions for treatment and stretching, along with an explanation for any additional questions I had. Would highly recommend to anyone!
by Desiree on Jan 06
I loved the balance of professionalism and personality that Christina embodies. She is very attentive to any specific areas of pain, and has even found them before I was aware enough to point them out. She clearly has a knowledgable background because she could make connections between areas of tension and possible causes. Overall, wonderful message!
by Marco on Dec 18
Christina was able to help me discover multiple areas that are contributing to my painful symptoms. It's so great to know that I have help to attack the root cause of my problems rather than just addressing the symptoms. I feel really confident about being on a path to recovery as well as being equipped to have good habits in the future.

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