Alexis Glover

  • OR License #: 25023

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As an LMT I am excited by the experiences & challenges every new client brings! I myself have been injured and needed relief from Severe pain that took several Dr.’s to find the cause. Massage therapy including Cranio-Sacral work finally was the relief I needed so desperately! I am grateful & excited to help your progress after injury or just help you achieve the much needed relaxation you deserve.

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OR # 25023


Oregon School of Massage: Salem



Craniosacral Therapy

This is a passion of mine that I am highly excited and engrossed in continually educating myself in! I have benefited greatly from this work and thus the passion to learn as much and pass on those benefits is almost a necessity.


This is such an amazing field that I am delighted to continually immerse myself in the techniques and possibilities to aid mothers into comfort during gestation, delivery and post partum. I am blessed to offer the amazingly comfy cushions to allow mama to relax on her belly during her pampering time as well.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point is wonderful in aiding the release of tension build up in these site specific areas from stress trauma or injury. I work with a variety of clients from Veterans injured to Car wreck trauma to Over worked body areas.