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I study the ways people’s lives shape and impact their bodies, and ways to help improve their function. Taking into account how different parts of the body interact, and paying keen attention to detail, I’ve collected a variety of skills to address use-related injuries, chronic pain conditions, and postural problems. More than relieving pain, I work to get people moving again – whether its being better able to meet life’s obligations, or just to enjoy being active.

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Massage Therapy



Functional testing and targeted treatment focusing on trigger points and mobility. Special focus on head/neck and upper extremities.

REVIEWS for my Bodywork services

by Alex on Jul 11
He clearly knew what he was doing, took a late last minute appointment, and was cheerful and professional throughout. Really couldn't ask for more other than maybe placing the table on a sunny private beach.
by Anonymous on May 29
He was very professional and knowledgeable -- if you're looking for massage therapy to fix a specific problem rather than a general relaxing massage. He totally fixed the movement problems I'd been having. The ambiance wasn't amazing since his work-room is in his basement, which is partially unfinished. Also, depending on the temperature outdoors and in the rest of the house, you might have to ask for a blanket.
by Cara on Mar 31
Edmund is awesome! I don’t normally pay for massages because most can’t do much for the stress tension I’m my shoulders and neck. After a session with Edmund, I immediately feel better and can move my neck much more easily. Highly recommend!
by Anonymous on Mar 01
Definitively the most productive massage I've every had.
by Anonymous on Dec 28
Edmund is not the type of massage therapist that makes you feel good while you are on his table, but the type that makes you feel better once you are off his table. He discuss the problems before he starts and works to address them. He explains what he is doing and offers suggestions for going forward. You will feel better in the long run. Don't expect to sleep on his table, but you will sleep better that night once the problems are addressed.
by Anonymous on Oct 18
His professionalism is top notch. His hands are gold. Everything was great
by Anonymous on Oct 18
His professionalism is top notch. His hands are gold. Everything was great
by Tara on Sep 22
I had Edmund out to work on my back which was hurting from moving house and hauling around my overly large two year old. He did excellent work and I could actually tell I was standing up straighter and no-longer lopsided on my "mom arm" side after. Didn't even realize what a headache all the back pain was giving me till it was gone. Slept better than I have in weeks. I will definitely book again.
by Steven on Sep 17
Lately I had been having quite a few neck issues. The pain was most noticeable when looking up or down. I booked an appointment with Edmund and he was very understanding, listening as I explained exactly what the issue was, what hurt, what felt tight, ect. He made some suggestions for how I could improve my posture, and some basic exercises I could do at home. The session lasted about an hour, and I began feeling relief within minutes after. Edmund was very thorough, but was conscious of muscle spots where I was more sensitive, and adjusted his technique accordingly. Within a day the previous pain and tightness had completely disappeared, and I now consider myself a regular client! I have recommended Edmund to many friends and family, and will continue to do so in the future.
by Michael on Sep 12
Edmund was able to help me out with a problem I was having with my knee related to overuse (Doing a large number of household projects on weekends while running long distances on weekdays). After the session my knee felt much better and Edmund was able to give me some pointers to avoid future injury.

SPECIALTIES: Bodywork and Massage techniques I perform

Bodywork & Massage

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  • Mobile Deep Tissue
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