Antonina Malyy

  • VA License #: 0019015870

Let's find a balance together!

I'm a licensed massage therapist. I graduated from the Lotus School of Integrated Professions with 100 clinical hours under my belt. I love to work with people to help them do what they love to do by easing the aches or stresses in their bodies. Give me a call or send a text to schedule an appointment today! :)

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VA # 0019015870


Lotus School Of Integrated Professions

Massage Therapy 600 Hour Program


Thai Massage

40 Hours Thai Bodywork Essentials: Based on the Naga Center's Thai Massage Essentials course, Essential foundational study and practice of traditional Thai healing forms, Thai bodywork, Thai healing culture, sen/trench theory, ethics within the Thai bodywork field, Theravada Buddhist History, basic Thai medical massage theory, along with an introduction to traditional self massage; movement-based tools which release clients from pain and ailments, offering a wonderful new perspective on the art of deep relief