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Massage therapist extraordinaire, Aleksey is an over achiever who strives to make the life of everyone he touches a better one. His humble and comforting attitude will set your mind at ease and his deep science background (neuroscience) and intuitive technique will give your body the relief it needs. Experienced in ...

Massage therapist extraordinaire, Aleksey is an over achiever who strives to make the life of everyone he touches a better one. His humble and comforting attitude will set your mind at ease and his deep science background (neuroscience) and intuitive technique will give your body the relief it needs. Experienced in luxury spa services (as well as working with top athletes), whether you need to reach a new level of relaxation, support your active lifestyle, adapt to the changes of motherhood, or work out a painful muscle problem, Aleksey knows how to tailor the massage to help you. With his careful patience, adaptive pressure and intuitive sense of trouble spots, all while maintaining effortless relaxation, you won't believe that he has under two years of experience. There are some for whom massage is a job, and others, like Aleksey, for whom it is a passion. Aleksey takes pride in helping your body perform at its best.  His joy is to see the peaceful smiles at the end of each session.

Aleksey is a licensed massage therapist in New York and nationwide. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience from Binghamton University and a License in Massage Therapy from The Finger Lakes School of Massage. His multidisciplinary background not only affords him a deep understanding of the human anatomy, but also the understanding that pain and discomfort arise from a multitude of factors, not just muscle problems. Massage therapy allows him to address many of these factors at once, which is one the reasons for choosing this profession. 

In his time off, Aleksey enjoys listening to music and reading science fiction, or pursuing the art of fencing and archery.

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Q-Stretch is a unique method developed by Yuri Esperson. This method incorporates elements of Shia Tsu, Thai Yoga Bodywork and Integrative Stretch. One of the unique aspects of the combination of these techniques is the “Tourniquet Effect,” which significantly increases blood flow through affected areas. Benefits include reduced stiffness of joints, increased muscle strength and improved mobility. Q-Stretch is successfully used at many sporting events, both pre-and post-competition, but also works for marathon runners and the regular 9-5 office worker.

REVIEWS for my Bodywork services

by Colby on Aug 10
Aleksey is always professional, and always in tune with the bodies mechanics. Every time I walk away feeling aligned and corrected. Best massage experiences I've ever had!
by Patrick on Jul 15
Alex is a pro. I had an amazing session with him the other day and I've booked every other week with him for awhile. His massage was specific and smooth and intuitive. His knowledge extends far into the realm of a physical therapists and worked with me closely to address all my concerns for the day. The overall experience was ideal and left me in a completely improved and pain free state.
by Tarale on Mar 10
I was so happy after my 1st massage with Aleksy a year or so ago. (I tend to be an avid client) And SO disappointed when he left that spa before I could schedule my next. Thank goodness for Facebook and his unique name! Aleksy is Professional. Efficient. He listens. And is a healer. He's incredibly knowledgeable of the human body and all of its connections. Equally as important, you can tell he loves what he does - he wants to heal and knows he can (of course with consistent visits). SO HAPPY!!! And I love his new place!
by Ivy on Jun 06
Alex was super attentive and made sure I was totally comfortable and informed before we had started the session. The massage was very relaxing and he applied pressure appropriately. Alex is very perceptive to his client's needs, and my experience was very eye-opening! Great ambience in the room also. I give him my highest ratings, and would recommend him to my friends and family. Thanks Alex!
by Anonymous on May 24
Aleksey, is really a friendly and caring person and the massage was relaxing and wonderful.
by Anonymous on May 13
Aleksey is very skilled. I consider massage to be an essential part of maintaining a healthy body and mind -- it's just as important to me as eating well and staying physically active so I've had many massages over the years and Aleksey ranks in the top of the field. He didn't rush our initial consultation. He asked me about past injuries and current issues and I could tell that he is quite knowledgable and well educated in what he does. I will definitely be returning and would highly recommend him to anyone.
by Kate on Apr 21
I am one of Aleksey’s earliest clients and have been getting massages from him for years. Before I started with Aleksey, I got massages from many different places and always left disappointed. Most of the time the therapists didn’t even know why the muscles are called. Aleksey's technique is exceptional and he is very knowledgeable. He knows exactly how to help me with my back pain - I work in financial services and sit all day. I'm also a runner and Aleksey takes care of my sports injuries. I am very happy with his services and would highly recommend him! Kate, financial services
by Yelena on Apr 15
I have traveled all over the world and have received massage from the highest quality massage specialists. With all the confidence, I can tell that Aleksey is the top notch professional. I have been his frequent client for almost a year and I would highly recommend him. I introduced him to many of my friends. All of my friends have had a great experience with Aleksey and some became his regular clients. Thank you Aleksey for helping me and making my heath and life quality much better! Yelena Plotkin Director of Lingerie Design / Merchandizer

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  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
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