Elissa Flannery

LMT & Owner of Momentum Massage & Wellness

Clients can expect a complete intake and assessment during their first session. These few extra minutes help identify problem areas and compensatory patterns. An individualized treatment plan is designed for those with chronic conditions to achieve specified, personal and wellness goals. Clients seeking therapy due to an injury, an overuse condition, a specific pathology, or simply needing to de-stress and relax, can be confident their concerns will be addressed.  

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Where I Work

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NJ # 18KT00624800


Cortiva Institute

Extended Professional Massage Therapy Program


Advanced Myofascial Techniques

Training Completed, 11/2016 The Mastering Myofascial Release seminar focused on techniques and treatment protocols that immediately reduce chronic tension and improve range of motion with minimal residual soreness the next day. I expanded my knowledge of a myofascial treatment approach that utilizes gentle pressure to increase client proprioception while allowing fascia to gently lengthen, stretch, soften, and become more flexible. Fascial tissue can become rigid, and inelastic over time, due to physical and emotional trauma, habit patterns, disease, and the desiccation of tissue that can accompany the aging process. In short, fascial tissue will change from a lubricant to an adhesive. This binding up of fascial tissue causes a great deal of what the patient experiences as stress, tension, pain, and reduced range of motion.

Pregnancy Massage

Training Completed, 8/2014 In this 2 day seminar, we learned the anatomy & physiology of pregnancy as it applies to each trimester, safety issues and contraindications to massage during pregnancy, how to position clients for comfort and safety. Proper draping techniques, positional release techniques that alleviate some minor discomforts of pregnancy were also covered.


Course Completed, 1/2017 An Introduction to Aromatherapy course covered an introduction to the therapeutic properties of popular essential oils and the recommended precautions for infants, children, pregnant women and people who have sensitive skin. I learned the various applications and the physical and emotional conditions that warrant essential oil use as well as detailed treatments for a variety of ailments and special circumstances.

REVIEWS for my Bodywork services

by Anonymous on Dec 26
My daughter has been with Elisa for a long time and finally last Friday I had my first chance to experience Elisa's excerptional skill in making people feel good after just one session. One exceptional therapist. Thank you, Elisa
by Anonymous on Dec 24
I have been going to Elissa for many pains, sprains, injured body parts, tension , stress, etc. and within hours felt much relief and my healing and relaxatipn has been way better than bedore. Some even have disappeared. I continue to have her as my personal massagist and will continue for times to come. I trust in her treatment and personal interest in helping me find relief and quicken my healing. She has blessed hands.
by Jayne on Dec 21
I am a massage therapist and as you can imagine my expectations of a massage are very high. I can honestly say that my massage with Elissa was nothing less than perfect. Her approach to the massage, pressure, and techniques were fabulous. I am very pleased and will be back!
by Jeffrey on Dec 14
This was my first massage I’ve ever had, so I never knew how much better it could make you feel. Elissa was extremely professional and knew exactly how to set up the space. She could tell just by experience my problem areas and worked on those longer to help ease the pain in those spots. I never knew how much pain my upper back was in at work everyday until the day after the massage I found I could move much easier. Elissa knows what she’s doing and her space/environment starts the experience off before the massage even starts. Can’t wait to book again!
by Anonymous on Dec 11
Elissa is a wonderful massage therapist. She listened to all of my complaints and asked questions through out the session to assure that she was addressing each problem area. Also, I tried cupping for the first time. I highly recommend it and her to everyone!
by Ruth on Dec 06
by Pam on Dec 03
Very professional ! Hands of gold ! Made a huge impact on many problem areas ! Has helped me soooo much ! Amazing !
by k.l. on Nov 14
A truly knowledgeable professional who really aims to please.She is amazing.
by Danielle on Nov 14
Elissa was fantastic! She really worked out my kinks and knots and recommended a few solutions for my aches in the future. The atmosphere was especially cozy and comfortable and with Elissa's personalized expertise, it truly was a relaxing experience. Thank you, Elissa!
by Sandy on Oct 14
My experience was amazing!! When I walked in the ambience of the room made me feel relaxed right away. Elissa was very professional and made sure I was perfectly comfortable before we started. I had pulled a muscle on my lower back and was in quite a bit of pain. By the time I left the pain was very minimal. I made another appointment right away. I haven't felt so relaxed and good for awhile. I look forward to more theraputic treatments and highly recommend momentum massage and wellness. Thanks Elissa !! ????

SPECIALTIES: Bodywork and Massage techniques I perform

Bodywork & Massage

  • Medical Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Cupping Methods
  • Deep Tissue
  • Kinesiology Taping
  • Stretching
  • Swedish Massage

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