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  • Massage, SC #10501
  • NCBTMB, # 949
  • CPT/ISFTA, # 2016429


  • Southwestern School of Neuromuscular and MassageTherapy
  • Upledger Intitute
  • Touch of Aloha School of Hawaiian Massage


Bodywork & Massage

  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Other
  • Deep Tissue

Cheryl Hanson

Home of the Gemstone Massage

Because of my background I have a unique approach to bodywork. My knowledge of anatomy comes from both the outside and the inside. I have seen the brain and internal organs and how the muscles attach, I have held bones, muscles, and even a beating heart in my hand. My personal background has taught me a level of compassion that only comes from understanding through experience...not just education. I know first-hand the healing power of touch.

I believe that regular massage is no longer a l...


Massage, SC # 10501
NCBTMB, # 949
CPT/ISFTA, # 2016429



Southwestern School of Neuromuscular and MassageTherapy
Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy
Upledger Intitute
Craniosacral Therapy
Touch of Aloha School of Hawaiian Massage
Lomilomi - Temple Style


Notable Experiences

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by Burney O. on Feb 19
Cheryl knew the techniques to find and correct my muscular problems
by Erin K. on Feb 18
She hit all the right spots with the right pressure. I felt like a new person leaving and even better today.
by Brad K. on Feb 17
Cheryl did a great job on my trouble areas. I will reschedule with her as soon as I can.
by Mark B. on Feb 14
The proof in the pudding is how much better I felt after just my first visit
by Ryan ?. on Jan 31
Really helped to loosen up my hip and lower back.
by Anonymous on Jan 14
I am so glad I found Mrs. Cheryl. Her massage therapy is helping me with painful tightness in my shoulders and back. I wish I'd found her sooner now that I feel so much better after 2 sessions.
by Sharon F. on May 08
Great touch, therapeutic massage, no fluff & buff!
by Anonymous on May 06
Cheryl is wonderful. I'll be back next week.
by Judi L. on May 01
Overall good experience!
by Anonymous on Apr 22
Cheryl is helping my husband and I get back to a regular, active lifestyle- her expertise is like no other in this area and she offers so much more than a traditional massage.
by Julie H. on Apr 17
Very knowledgeable
by Eunice B. on Mar 12
Cheryl is a wonderful massage therapist.... knows how to help with problem areas does a great overall massage
by Anonymous on Mar 01
again as this is only my 2nd massage ever I don't feel knowledgeable enough to give a 5 rating
by Tammy T. on Feb 18
by Tammy T. on Feb 18
Great gift from my son and daughter in law.
by Josh C. on Feb 13
Cheryl was awesome
by Jason S. on Feb 08
One of the best massages ever :) a great experience.
by Cynthia C. on Feb 04
Cheryl makes you feel welcome and at ease and she definitely knows how to get to the problem. The next day I could feel where the massage had helped me.
by Jessica L. on Jan 10
Not only are they skilled but they are filled with knowledge they are willing to share so my quality of life can be improved.
by Karen L. on Dec 20
Cheryl is a gifted, multi-talented professional who will listen to you, your body, and provide many techniques to assist you in becoming and staying healthy.
by Doug W. on Nov 07
Cheryl you are the bomb!!!! :) and thank you for getting me in so quickly...
by Susann W. on Sep 17
See above comments.
by Nancy S. on Aug 11
Cheryl is a most knowledgeable lady. She always knows how to help you leave feeling much better than when you came!
by Sandi H. on Aug 09
I got an excellent massage, very professional, and very therapeutic. No complaints at all. Can't wait for next time.
by Debby B. on Aug 06
I like the building that she is in. It is very low key, private, and has a relaxing ambiance.
by John L. on Aug 03
My wife is a massage therapist and nurse (RN). Cheryl's massage pinpointed some problem areas that were resolved during my treatment. I left my appointment feeling an immediate sense of relief that has now sustained several days after my massage. Please keep up the good work!!!!!!
by Laurie L. on Aug 02
Excellent quality massage; listened to my concerns and issues
by Laura S. on Jul 30
Cheryl is responsive to my requests about where I think her work will benefit my body most. She also remembers my "trouble spots" from visit to visit.
by Anonymous on Jul 27
Cheryl gives the best sports massage that I've ever had!!!
by Nancy S. on Jul 19
I have had body massage before but never cranial sacral It was exceptional.
by Anonymous on Jul 13
Liked it all
by Mary K B. on Jul 11
Loved everything!
by Anonymous on Jul 06
Cheryl is very knowledgable and goes above and beyond to fix what is bothering me.
by Betty H. on Jun 09
It was a very pleasant experience. I was quite anxious about the appointment. However Cheryl made the visit most relaxing. I am very pleased to say the very first visit was a success as it has provided some much needed relief. I certainly will continue this in the future. It has made quite a believer out of me.
by Susan S. on Jun 06
I liked the way I felt afterwards & how Cheryl helps me so much with issues. They get resolved when I follow her advice.
by Debbie M. on May 31
Cheryl's knowledge and body work treatments are excellent! Would highly recommend her!
by Mike S. on May 20
Very professional, her nursing background is of great use!
by June A. on May 19
I think she truly is wonderful! Very very informed. This lady knows what she is doing!
by Anonymous on May 14
Cheryl did a great job of making me feel relaxed and comfortable. She helped me with some sore muscles, aches, etc.
by Tiffany W. on May 12
Cheryl responded instantly to my request when asked to alter the pressure. It was my first massage but it won't be my last.
by jan l. on May 10
I absolutely love going here for my massage..Cheryl is amazing and I don't know how I could manage stress without going to 7 Gems!
by Sandy S. on May 05
Always like Cheryl's massages. She will be a forever friend. She always finds the right knots to massage away.
by John H. on May 01
Comments above also apply to Cheryl. She is very knowledgeable of her profession and especially the human body. I appreciate her expertise and ability to find and treat aching spots of the human body.
by Tiffany H. on Apr 30
Everything was wonderful!! I highly recommend 7 Gems to my friends and family!!