Marvin Joiner

Sports Massage Therapist

Marvin Q. Joiner has worked in Massage and Bodyworks for 28 years, with of extensive training and professional experience in the field of the application of massage and Bodywork Therapy for muscular dysfunction and pain management. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education and contracts with Interdisciplinary and conventional pain management facilities in the Houston area for the last 15 years.

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TX # 017023


Cameron University

Physical Education

REVIEWS for my Bodywork services

by Hai on Jul 01
Marvin was excellent in his assessment and went straight to work on my tight shoulders. He freed them up by working the shoulders and all the surrounding parts around them. I've been to other masseuses and they seem to "shotgun" areas. Marvin actually had a "laser scope" and went right to the problem areas. Highly recommended for his technical work.
by Anonymous on Jun 18
The masseuse was friendly and the ambience was relaxing. I will definitely return to get another massage.
by Jeremy on Jun 03
I went to sleep pain free last night for the first time in months.
by Vicki on May 25
This was my first visit, and my first sports massage. Marvin provided welcome pain relief in my injured calf muscle (a result of meniscus tear injury to my right knee.) Massaging and stretching the adhesions in that muscle allowed me to walk more normally, and more comfortably through the rest of the day. I look forward to my next visit. This guy KNOWS what he's doing!
by Hunter on May 11
The massage was helpful in giving me relief from my back pain.
by Anonymous on May 07
Marvin addressed the areas I needed worked on. My appointment was timely. It was relaxing.
by Anonymous on May 02
Marvin did not introduce himself, explain what he would be doing, how or why. I have no idea why I'm in pain, but was referred by my doctor. Follow up would be helpful, what did he feel, what area was he working and why, what could I do at home to help improve my pain? I've been in pain for 5 months, and DID have relief for about 24 hours after his work on me. Just wish I could get in sooner for another session. Thank you.
by Anonymous on Apr 24
Marvin always does a great job! He really knows how to help relieve sore muscles! He can isolate where it hurts and relieve the tension and tightness! Always feel better when I leave!
by Uchenna on Mar 07
Marvin is an awesome therapist. He is knowedgable about the body and can translate his knowledge to application thru excellent muscle therapy. Mr. Joiner is truly an expert in his craft. Thank you Muscle Lab! Uchenna Agu - Client
by Laura on Mar 02
Marvin always knows exactly where my pain and/swelling are and he works on what is needed and solves my problems. Without all his hard work I would barely be able to get around. When I first came to Marvin I hobbled in like a very old lady and he could barely touch me, but he has stretched my tight muscles and done so much good work on me that now I can move around so much better and he can do deep tissue work on me. He is a master at myofascial release and trigger point therapy as well as being able to drain my lymph glands. He is also very easy to work with, very professional, and always punctual.

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