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Sarah Carl

Natural healing for modern lives.

I am interested in an intelligent, compassionate and creative vision of health care based on supporting our whole selves. My favorite part of this work is seeing the difference in people as their bodies and lives change and heal. I enjoy focused work, whether an injury, pain pattern, postural misalignment, agitated nervous system or a number of other issues. The Oregon School of Massage in Portland gave me licensure training and my first introduction to Thai bodywork. Since then, I have studi... more

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Six Elements Bodywork, LLC  

22400 SE Stark St., Gresham, OR 97030 Map it


Massage, OR # 11624



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Notable Experiences

Thai Massage
Over 10 years of training and practice in Thai massage. Continued study since 2010 in the Lanna tradition of Thai medical theory, Thai herbalism and hands on techniques such as cupping, body scraping, herbal massage and many more.
I have worked with many pregnant women and helped them ease their bodies through pregnancy and after childbirth. I also have specific training in Thai prenatal and postpartum massage. This involves luxurious herbal massage and a gentle bodywork approach to take care of tight tissue and increase circulation while being mindful of the loosened ligaments that normally accompany pregnancy. Specific postpartum herbal compress massage helps the uterus return to normal size and release excess fluid retention, as well as encourage overall healthy body function.
Thai massage is an excellent medical massage as it comes from a medical tradition where body therapies are one of the primary avenues of treating ailments. I have experience working with pain, injuries, nerve issues, assisting with digestive and women's health, and many other medical issues. Many people with auto injuries have benefitted greatly from Thai massage at Six Elements Bodywork and, if your health insurance covers massage, you may be covered for massage here. Call or email to ask if you might be eligible.
Training and solo practice since 2011 in Reusi Dat Ton, or Thai Yoga. This is a part of the physical therapies area of Traditional Thai medicine. It is believed that Thai massage was built upon actions and concepts from RDT. Sessions with me and recommended self care may incorporate breathwork, ideas or postures from this system.