Sarah Mccaver

  • PA License #: MSG012607
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"Life isn't about waiting for the storms to's about learning to dance in the rain."

Sarah is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a graduate of the Pittsburgh Technical College with a Certificate in professional massage therapy. Sarah combines a blend of massage techniques to offer guests a unique massage experience. She believes in creating sessions for her clients and specializes in deep relaxation and stress relief massage therapy.

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PA # MSG012607


# CO295213


Pittsburgh Technical College

Massage Therapy


Steelers Training Camp, Licensed Massage Therapy

One of the highlights of my career thus far has been offering massage therapy at Steelers' Training Camp. It was an amazing experience and gave me the opportunity to work with some incredible athletes.

REVIEWS for my massage services

by Susan on Jun 13
Sarah was wonderful. This was my first time with her and she was very cognizant of what I needed and how much pressure I like. Wonderful experience.
by Anonymous on Mar 13
There was nothing to dislike
by Anonymous on Mar 11
Sarah seemed very sweet and nice, but also very timid. When I walked in she didn’t introduce herself, and asked me if I wanted my massage right away. Other options weren’t explained, but I did want to start so I said yes. When I told her that I’m in my second trimester and was unsure if I could lay on my back, her response was that “it should be okay”. I agreed with her, but her response wasn’t very confidence building. I asked two times for increased pressure as I was hoping to get some pain relief, which I marked on my form. Sarah kindly explained that the procedure wasn’t to use a lot of pressure, but I felt more like I was being moisturized than massaged. Perhaps Sarah is new or hasn’t done a lot of prenatal massages, and she was very nice, but the whole experience felt rushed and Sarah did not seem at all confident in what she was doing. I very much appreciate her time though.
by Elle on Feb 27
Sarah is incredible. I’ve searched high and low for years looking for a massage therapist that gives me the right type of pressure and consistency for a great massage for my low back pain. Sarah, don’t ever leave!
by Anonymous on Feb 26
Sarah read and understood my "intake" documents, especially allergy concerns. She questioned me on physical areas of concern and was able to focus extended treatment on those areas.
by Anonymous on Feb 20
Sarah was very professional and did a great job!
by Anonymous on Feb 07
Sarah is very skilled and I had a good experience
by Joyce on Feb 01
Loved her technique. GREAT face and back message. Sarah had a pleasant personality. I would request her and recommend her.
by Anonymous on Dec 14
Sarah was waiting for me and knew exactly what my preferences were since she read my answers on the questionnaire. She was skillful and professional.
by Stacy on Dec 08