Stephanie Albright

  • IA License #: 02182

Anything is possible when using the full capacity of your mind.

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Since 1998 I have been offering Intuitive Life Guidance, Past Life Recall Sessions for improved living in the NOW, Intuitive Readings and SHUE and other forms of Acupressure, massage and energy work (I specialize in (EA) Emotional Alignment, Pineal Awakening and Chakra Balancing sessions).

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My Services

Emotional Body Alignment and Balance

EBA is a full body emotional alignment balance session that harmonizes ... more

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Quantum Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression

QH is often helpful for clearing unhealthy repetitive patterns that are ... more

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Intuitive Life Guidance

ILG assist the client in connecting with their own inner essence; as wel... more

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Psychic Reading

This is a one hour session that answers any questions the receiver has o... more

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IA # 02182

Massage Therapy License

# 3498


Intuitive Life Guidance

I have actively assisted others in Life Guidance, training and therapy in enhancing one's own intuition, health and well being since 1998. Testimonials can be found on my website:


Intuitive or Psychic Readings

Up to today I have been offering psychic readings, training and intuitive bodywork therapy since 1998. I've worked with thousands of clients world-wide and continue to run out of my local office and online services.