Ginger Jenkins

What if you could not fail? Live a Life of Excellence!

How would you live your life starting today, if you knew you could not fail? I have decades of experience and offer workable and successful strategies to assist you in achieving personal, spiritual, and professional goals. The world may be changing, but you are still in control of what you do, how you respond, and the outcome of your genuine efforts. I want nothing more than to be present while you are achieving your goals and living a life of excellence! Let's get started!

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Walden University

Doctorate of Philosophy - Forensics/Psychology


Faith-Based Life Counselor- Specialist

Dr. Jenkins brings decades of experience assisting individuals in finding their ordained life journey, achieving personal, spiritual and professional goals, removing offensive obstacles, and support through life losses. I currently work with the mentally and physically handicapped for the State of Florida Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and assist individuals in achieving their work and college goals.