Bob Smith-Petersen

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Bob Smith-Petersen

Eclectic Mobile Massage Therapist

Bob Smith-Petersen, is a Massachusetts Licensed Massage Therapist, certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Shiatsu practitioner, ACE Massage Cupping Practitioner and Thai Bodyworker.

As both a member of the staff at MassageMore in Acton, MA and sole proprietor of Smith-Petersen Massage therapy, a mobile massage out-call business, Bob has been providing client centered massage therapy since 2012 and Reiki instruction of all levels since 2007 in the Greater Boston/Met... more


Massage, MA # MT 10533



The Massage School
Massage Therapy Certification (800 Hours)


Notable Experiences

The Massage School Shiastu Alumni Class - Student
I took an 8 week 50 hour continuing education course in Shiatsu offered to alumni at the Massage School in the summer of 2013 where we studied 5 element theory, treatment plans and protocols for a wide variety of conditions and practiced hands on techniques.
ACE Cupping Level 1 Course - Student
In the spring of 2014 participated in a continuing education certificate course in ACE Massage Cupping where I learned how to use cupping techniques as an additional modality to support the needs of my clients with an emphasis on dynamic and stationary techniques to improve trigger points and circulation.
Reiki Master Teacher Training
In late 2007 I participated in a comprehensive 16 hour, 2 day Reiki Master/Teacher intensive class after spending the prior months doing clinical practice with my teachers. We practiced attunements, course design, class instruction and, traditional Usui techniques. It was the culmination of my prior Reiki 1st, 2nd and 3rd level classes which began in 2003.
Thai Bodywork Level 1 (Northern Style Fundamentals)
In the fall of 2013 I took a hands-on 3 day intensive level 1 Thai Massage class at Jynba LLC in Merrimac, New Hampshire. We learned how to give a basic 1 hour massage with lots of stretches and mobilizations of the arms and legs, as well as side lying, prone and supine techniques to improve relaxation, decrease muscle tension, aide circulation, increase joint flexibility and promote overall relaxation.